The 2021 CPA Legend-ary Interview

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Headquarters – The 2021 CPA Legends were announced only a brief week ago and we were fortunate to interview the newly inducted Legends. Read what they have to say about being a Legend and receive some tips on how to become one yourself! 

The title of CP Army Legend is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated immense commitment to the CP Army community to recognise their efforts. This year, each candidate required 7 votes (8 votes for SM inductions) to be inducted as a CPA Legend. These votes may come from the committee of fourteen past Army Legends or from the community. Do check out this post, where you can read more about the candidates and the process in detail.

Congratulations to the newly inducted Legends below!

CPA Legends 2021 Flamez

Flamez received a total of 9 votes and was inducted as 2021 CPA Legend.

Flamez is the 80th person to be inducted as a CP Army Legend (and is the sole 2021 Legend). He started his career in CP Armies over a decade ago and has worked his way up the ranks of multiple well-known armies. During his time in Ice Warriors, he led the army to multiple battle victories, reaching whopping max sizes of 100-165+ in tournaments. Flamez continued in Ice Warriors as an active advisor after his retirement.

CPA Legends 2021 Mare

Mare received a total of 11 votes and was inducted as 2021 CP S/M Army Legend.

Mare was inducted as an S/M Legend, who began her CP Army journey in April 2020 when she joined the newly reopened Special Weapons And Tactics as a staff member. Special Weapons and Tactics were struggling as an S/M army then, which she quickly turned around with her recruiting skills. In August 2020, Mare joined the leadership team, guiding her army through multiple wars. With Mare’s leadership, SWAT maintained a consistent presence in the Top Ten and was awarded Major Army status shortly thereafter. She also created Dua Inn Lipa Fighters in 2021, which reached maxes of 30+ and regularly featured on the Top Ten.

CPA Legends 2021 Amber

Amber received a total of 15 votes and was inducted as 2021 CP SM Army Legend.

Amber, alongside Mare, was inducted as an S/M Legend of 2021. She first joined the army community in April 2020, finding a home in the then newly formed army, the Silver Empire. Under Amber’s leadership, the Silver Empire transformed into one of the leading armies. Furthermore, they achieved victories within the opening stages of tournaments, such as the Beach Brawl, Challengers Cup and Christmas Chaos. In 2021, Amber led Silver Empire to reach as high as fifth place on the top ten on numerous occasions. Silver Empire managed to thrive with the help of Amber’s leadership.

Club Penguin Army Network approached Mare and Amber for an interview to gather their thoughts. Flamez declined to comment on his recent induction.

How did you feel after finding out about your induction as a CPA Legend in 2021?

Mare: I was really shocked that I ended up getting it!

Amber: When I saw my name on the legends list, I felt super proud and appreciative to have my hard work deemed worthy of the title

What does being a legend mean to you?

Mare: To me legend means that the community noticed how much effort I put into my army

Amber: For me a legend is someone who made a lasting and undeniable impact in not only an army, but the community as well. So, I believe this is a validation that the time and efforts I put in the community and SE have been meaningful. It’s an honor to be recognized with this title.

When did you start leading armies, and what do you feel helped you reach Legend status?

Mare: I started leading my first army, One Direction Army, in April 2020. I think what helped me was the support I had from my best friends and SWAT family.

Amber: I joined CPA through a group of friends for fun and some laughs. I feel the people who always supported me and always kept me motivated are the biggest part of how I was able to receive legend status

In your time as a CP army member/leader, what is(are) your most memorable/favorite moment(s)?

Mare: I have a lot of favorite memories during the army, but I think my most favorite one was when we had the purple and green division battles!

Amber: Making friends all over CPA, bullying teasing each other in SE, making memories that make it all worth it, and reaching those significant milestones together

What advice would you give to people who are aspiring to be CPA Legends in 2022?

Mare: Don’t listen to the haters and keep doin yo thang. Also, even if you don’t get it, it doesn’t mean you aren’t a legend. I always say what matters the most is what you accomplish in your own army. Keep working hard no matter what others comment about you and make sure you are always interacting with your troops, staff, and hcom, don’t be a robot! Most of all make sure you’re genuinely having fun while working hard.

Amber: Have fun, don’t feel pressured to only make friends in your army alone, and remember: IRL> penguin game

These legends have made a big impact in their respective armies and the community as well. Hence, there is no doubt these Legends are truly deserving of their new status. Club Penguin Army Network would like to once again congratulate these newly inducted Legends and wish all aspiring Legends the best in this new year!

What do YOU think? Who could possibly be inducted as Legends for 2022? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord Server!


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