Pain Is A Step Closer To Success: Lord Pain Joins Templar Leadership

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Headquarters – Following a war declaration on the Red Ravagers, the Templars of Club Penguin announced the addition of Lord Pain to the leadership team. What will his addition bring to the team?

Templars of Club Penguin was created on April 4th, 2018 by Xing. Currently under the leadership of Xing, Brownpen4, Racecar4, Echo, and Sir Nick, the Templars remain a major force this year as they can be seen within the Top 3 and more recently Number 1 on the weekly Top Ten. The army also participated in major tournaments this past year, wherein the Templars reached the Semifinals of Christmas Chaos XI and the Finals in Champions Cup XI. In the previous week, the Templars headlined the news for their war declaration on the Red Ravagers.

The Templars recently in the CCXI Semifinals against Ice Warriors

Lord Pain brings years of experience to the Templar team, with his army career starting in 2009. Most notably, he led 4 armies during his tenure, such as the Rebel Penguin Federation where he reached the hall of fame status of Icon, the Golden Troops where he reached Legend status, S.W.A.T., and most recently the Spartans. He is notable for being involved in many wars, including the Pain Wars, a series of wars under his leadership in the Rebel Penguin Federation.

AUSIA Battle for Cozy in the 2016 Pain Wars, featuring the Army of CP

On January 8th, 2022, Lord Pain pinged everyone in the Templars Discord server, announcing his return to the army scene as the newest Grand Prior of Templars. The announcement included no explanation or motive.

Lord Pain informing Templars of his return, click to enlarge

Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Lord Pain, where we received the following statements regarding his recent return to armies:

What made you want to rejoin the CPA Community again as a leader?

Just to finish unfinished business this wasn’t planned in advance I didn’t know when I was going to rejoin armies just that when I did it would be in an army in the top 3. The post Sidie wrote about army zealotry on CPAHQ in which that I am mentioned is apart of what lit back the fire in me.

What do you hope to achieve as the newest leader of Templars?

I’m just going to bring everything I can bring to the table for the Templars and work on improving the army from the website to everything else crucial to the armies functionality. I want to work with the younger leaders and help them learn and in that process pass on some of my ways to the next generation.

You have a long history of leading armies, Do you think your history of leadership will have any impact on Templars?

Just in the experience department it’ll impact Templars and the wealth of knowledge gained from 12 years of leading armies it’ll be to the benefit of the Templars.

Is there anything else you would want to add?

Now that the news is well spread around that I’m back I’ll say the same thing I said for the CPAHQ interview I want all of my loyalists, fans, and general able bodied people to come and join the Templars. Its time for carnage, its time for CP Warfare.

From his statements, we can tell Lord Pain is ready to come back into the army scene and lead the Templars to success alongside his co-leaders. Club Penguin Army Network wishes him good luck on achieving more on his already extensive leadership career.

What do YOU think of Lord Pain being the newest leader of Templars? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CP Army Network Discord!


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