Ravaging Knights: Templars declare war on Red Ravagers

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Headquarters – In this period of tranquillity across the community, the Templars declare war on yet another army. What is their reasoning behind this declaration?

Xing created the Templars in 2018, who are well known for engaging in war against several other armies. They recently achieved the top position on the weekly Top Ten, having avoided a potential conflict between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors beforehand, which can be read about here.

The Red Ravagers were founded in May 2020 by Honda and happy_phantom. They were able to achieve significant publicity during 2021, as a result of their declarations of war against the Silver Empire and participation in Project Vengeance. Alongside this, they recently welcomed Yeti, or Alsiuss, to their leadership team as their new Red Commander, alongside BoMoBuddy.

Templars in a recent takeover event

On January 7th 2022, the Templars officially declared war against the Red Ravagers. Although there is no official reason for the war, there is no doubt the community expects intense battles in the first conflict of 2022. One thing which is certain, is that the war begins with an invasion scheduled for tomorrow at 3:00PM Eastern Time.

The terms of war, stated in the Club Penguin Army Headquarters Discord server.

The Club Penguin Army Network approached the leaders of both armies for a statement regarding this declaration. Xing provided the following comment:

I wanna have fun.

Alsiuss shared the following statement:

This was unexpected since we have been extra dead for quite a while but well, if this will let them prove they have a bigger ego ig it works for them.

From this it appears Xing’s motives do not differ from his previous war endeavours. Like previous conflicts in the past, it seems the overall goal is to achieve more land and to have fun. Nevertheless, the Club Penguin Army Network wish both armies the best of luck in their battles.

What do YOU think? Will the Templars crush the Red Ravagers? Could the Ravagers overthrow the Templars? Let us know your thoughts in our Discord Server!


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