Advisor’s Advice: Army Merge

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the new year now here, we have recently seen a shock merge take place. This week, it is time to ask our army advisors what they would do if the topic of merging ever occurred.

Welcome to the first 2022 edition of ‘Advisor’s Advice’! This week I went to six different army advisors and asked them about the more recent topic of merging. What advice will we end up receiving from our advisors about this topic?

The advisors were asked: 

‘What would you do if your army wanted to merge with another?’

Csy, Army of Club Penguin’s Advisor

I’m actually quite surprised mergers are so uncommon in CPA – many competitive alliances in other games often see merging to form stronger, bigger and well-resourced coalitions. However, I would first explore the reasons surrounding the merge, accessing where the army is at currently and evaluating what reasons we may have to wish to merge with another. I’d also consider the logistics of the entire thing – such as the proposed merger name, post-merger structure, discord usage, etc. In the particular context of ACP, whilst it would be unlikely for us to undergo a merger without prior PoG approval, but ultimately as an advisor, I believe my role is to support what the leader wishes to do and the direction they want to take the army in. I think an assessment of the benefits vs. harms of the entire situation, as well as exploring any possible underlying concerns, e.g. stress of leading the army, wanting more staff and support, etc., and suggesting possible solutions to target and ameliorate these problems if they exist would be a good starting point.

Tistle, Help Force’s Advisor

My advice would be to always try to get the biggest beneficiary possible from a merge. Merging can be risky unless you know exactly how the merge will benefit your army and who you’re dealing with. Like any deal in real-life, you don’t really ever want to be the one who benefits the least. I would advise that the leaders plan and discuss a merge in length with fellow hcom, then approach the other army with a strategy that will benefit your army the most, whilst obviously being worthwhile to the other army in respect.

Madhav, Ice Warrior’s Advisor

Well I would do my best to prevent it from happening because I may be biased but the community we built at IW is the best and it goes way beyond CP in general. In my opinion, I don’t think there is ever a need for a Major army to merge into another, especially one with a deep rooted history and consistent appearances in the top 3.

Rah, Water Viking’s Advisor

I would personally analyze the situation at hand and determine the reasoning on wanting to merge into another army. You should look at the problem directly and do what you can to fix it. WV itself is a legendary army and shouldn’t need to come down to a situation like that. However if worse comes to worse and the majority of troops want to merge then so be it. As an advisor, it’s really important to support what you can and step up to be a mentor if it came to a difficult decision like that.

It is clear that most advisors recommend that their army sits down and analyses the whole situation first, before making a decision. If you were approached about the army that you are in merging with another, what would you do?

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