Stemv Inaugurated Bose DK Commander Following Invasion Success

DELHI BELLY, Bose DK Warriors Capital – The Bose DK Warriors have a new face in the leadership. On January 3rd, Stemv was inducted as the newest Bose DK Commander. Who is Stemv and what can we expect from her leadership?

In October 2021, a few Help Force members came with an idea for a totally new army. They called it Bose DK Warriors, inspired by an Indian song. That would be the start of a journey. Their first debut in the Top Ten in November, reaching 9th place, was a surprise for some who thought the army could be a joke or a proxy of the Help Force. The fact is that Bose DK Warriors quickly established their dominance on the CPAHQ map and proved to be an emerging Small/Medium powerhouse.

Bose DK Warriors’ first event

On January 3rd, Bose DK Commander Scorp posted the event information for an invasion they would have later on that day. Curiously, one of the rewards of attending the invasion was promoting the person who led the majority of the event to Commander. Consequently, after the event, they fulfilled the reward promise and crowned Stemv as the newest Bose DK Commander. Similar to the army creators, Stemv is also a member of Help Force, who joined Bose DK Warriors on December 5th.

Scorp announcing Stemv as the new Bose DK Commander

CP Army Headquarters reached out to the newly inducted Bose DK Commander, Stemv, to find out what was her reaction to the promotion.


How did you feel when you got promoted? Was it a surprise?

I was really overwhelmed that I got promoted. It is a big opportunity for me. Yes, I was talking to Scorp and out of a sudden he asked me to be the Commander of BOSE DK WARRIORS. I LOVED IT.

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve in the army?

Yeah I would like to take BOSE DKS more forward and successful.

How do you plan on achieving those goals?

By organizing events with other staff mates and yeah creating hype in the chat and ping ohhhhh yeah pinging everyone million of times.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah only a real charsi can be a successful BOSE DK WARRIOR.

It seems that Stemv is excited to lead the Bose DK Warriors to new highs while keeping the fun that originated the army itself. What do you think? Will the Bose DK Warriors continue to prove themselves as an S/M powerhouse? We can only wish the best of luck to Bose DK and Stemv in her leadership.

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