The Fall of Troy: Trojans Set for Closure

TROY, Trojans’ Capital – Despite establishing themselves as a prominent force in the Small/Medium community, the Trojans announced a very abrupt shutdown. Why are the Trojans shutting down, and what plans do they hold for the future?

On December 26th, Trojans‘ creator and leader Ivy announced an abrupt shutdown before clarifying 17 minutes later. At first, Ivy’s announcement lacked an explanation and prompted their users to leave the server, before she clarified. She stated her biggest reason for the closure was being the main figure of the army and the stress resulting from it. You can see her full explanation for the closure of the Trojans in the picture below.

Click for an expanded view; Trojans leader Ivy provides a reason for the army’s impromptu closure.

Prior to their shutdown, Trojans served as a rebrand of the former Skateboarders, and have seen great involvement throughout conflicts in 2021. Aside from participating in the Challengers Cup 2 and showing a remarkable effort, they’ve mobilized for battle against the Elite Federals, Wet Army Penguins, and Celts. Their appearance on several Top Tens with their expansion of servers on CPA Headquarters’ server map, attests to their dominance.

Three days before their eventual shutdown, Trojans held an event maxing eight.

Despite the army’s consistent behavior, it remains unclear as to why the army shut its doors, especially at its peak. To learn more about Ivy’s intentions, the CP Army Headquarters was fortunate to conduct an interview with Ivy.

Instead of handing the reigns of the army to a co-leader, why opt to shut down the Trojans?

Villa told me a few days ago that he planned on retiring after the war, and while our HCOM are absolutely amazing, none of them are ready to solo-lead an army yet. there just wasn’t anyone who could replace me

Are there any future plans for a revival, or is it too soon to tell?

No plans yet 🙂

What were some memories you cherished throughout the Trojans’ history?

Ooh I definitely loved seeing Hazel become HCOM, scaring WAP so much that they became a colony x), watching Villa become a strong leader :dance:, and just overall knowing how many lovely people I brought together in one place. our chat was somewhere anyone could fit into or hang out in.

Thank you again for the interview, we wish you the best of luck with any future endeavors. Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks zamb! and nope



Based on the interview, Trojans faced internal problems, those being Villa, co-leader of Trojans, on the brink of retirement with little time to effectively train the higher command. It’s safe to say the shutdown was inevitable and perhaps the best course of action to preserve their legacy. With few plans currently, only time can tell what the Trojans have for the future. At the moment, Ivy recommended her staff to join the Templars, whose own prominence may carry on the legacy the small/medium army once held.

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