Greeny Returns To Lime Green Army Leadership

GREAT WHITE, Lime Green Army Capital – Just recently, a familiar face rejoined the leadership team in the Lime Green Army. What are their plans for the army and what can we expect from them?

On December 25th, 2021, Greeny announced his return to the leadership of the Lime Green Army. After noticing the army’s recent events, he has decided to return to help the army out to make them bigger than ever before. Greeny is now leading the army alongside Komodo and Toasty.

Greeny announced his return to leadership.

The Lime Green Army was created by Greeny on April 5th, 2013. In the year 2016, during the summer they took part in Club Penguin Army’s first server map that was created by a former leader of Rebel Penguin Federation, Commando717. This led to the army getting involved in multiple wars with other armies during that time. In April of 2019, the Lime Green Army returned to the army community that was revived by Memmaw along with Greeny. In July of 2019, Karma was able to join them in leading the army after climbing up the ranks. During the time in August, the army witnessed multiple leadership changes. The army currently stands at the 13th position, as given in the weekly Top-Ten.

Lime Green Army vs Templars (defense battle on August 10th, 2020)

Greeny began his army career in the Barbarian Empire. Apart from being the creator of the Lime Green Army, he was briefly a part of the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Doritos, the Takis, and the Cherries. He is currently an army veteran who has held many administrative positions in the community and is credited for co-founding the 2019 CPA league and for his involvement in the Club Penguin Army Forum. Greeny was awarded the position of S/M Legend in the year 2019 and has been one of the most consistent figures in the army community.

Lime Green Army’s recent event.

Club Penguin Army HQ had the opportunity to talk to Greeny about how they feel about returning to lead in the Lime Green Army.

What made you decide to join back as a leader for Lime Green Army?

Well, I thought with me missing the revival event, yet us still maxing 8, that we were heading in the right direction. Obviously, I was wrong. The past 2 events had a max of 5, which is what we used to get back in 2013. Not 2021. Things will change.

Do you have any favorite memories within the army (like between 2013-now), or within the community?

Yea my favorite moment was in the tournament finals against PZF. We lost the first room due to us logging on slow, which seemed to always happen to us. We tied the other two. It was extremely close. Got my adrenaline going for sure. I enjoy competition. I hope other armies aren’t scared and let army politics get in the way of some great wars. We have some great armies in the community. I’m a part of the larger ones, Templars, and BIA seems to be scared to fight them which is surprising since they forced us out of the community last time.

Do you have any current plans on bringing LGA bigger than ever?

Honestly, it’ll be hard to beat our peak of 35+. It’s possible, though. Maybe if BIA grows a pair, that’ll light a flame in our belly. Who knows.

What do you hope to accomplish to help achieve your goals for LGA?

Team effort.
HICOM support will be the only way we succeed. This will be hard as most of our former HICOM have moved on, have jobs, etc.

Anything else you would like to say?

Deus vult
It seems that Greeny has a lot of plans for the army, is ready to take the Lime Green Army back on top. We wish Greeny, and the Lime Green Army, best of luck in all their future endeavors!

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