Back in the Wild: Wild Ninjas Announce Revival

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Recently, the army community witnessed the return of another army, who go by the name, ‘Wild Ninjas.’ Who are the Wild Ninjas? What was the reason behind their revival, and what have they got in store for the army community?

On December 26th, the Wild Ninjas made a comeback to the community, hosting their revival event that had 11 people log on to welcome back the army to the community. Pertaining to the beginning of the month, precisely on December 4th, one of the leaders of the army, Amelia had asked for everyone’s opinion about reviving the Wild Ninjas for a fourth generation in the army’s discord server. Given the responses she received – 3 days later, she confirmed that the army would be returning once again, and scheduled their revival event for the 26th.

Wild Ninjas – Revival Event on December 26th.

The Wild Ninjas was created on February 12, 2016, by Alex42152, Legiso, Felixstuard, Mythes (Mysyery89), and Danpengui. They are one of the few Spanish Club Penguin armies to exist and, have always dominated the SMAC Top Ten. The idea of creating this army, started when Alex42152 joined Ice Warriors in 2015 and gained experience there as a troop and a leader. Alex would then go on to make a Club Penguin Army in Spanish in order to unite the community at large and establish the representation of Spanish in the army community. The Wild Ninjas is the first Hispanic army to have been created in the history of the Armies Of Club Penguin and has achieved the top of the weekly top in Club Penguin Army Central, in October 2016. The army has battled armies like the Army of Club Penguin, the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Army Republic, the Ice Warriors, the Red Miners, the Tubas, the Elite Guardians, and the Striking Raiders. Apart from this, they have taken part in Legends Cup VII in 2016, Champions Cup V in November 2016, May Mayhem Army Clash Tournament in 2017, Hunt and Kill Tournament in August 2017 (where the army were the runners up), and Christmas Chaos IV in December 2017.

The very first event of the Wild Ninjas – 13th February 2016.

CPAHQ had the opportunity to get in touch with Kerx and Amelia, two of the current leaders of the Wild Ninjas, and know their thoughts on the revival.

Why did you decide to revive Wild Ninjas?

Amelia: Well, we revived WN Cause Mariobrus1 one of the legends of the army was asking us if we can give the last chance, to end the history of the army with a good ending, cause in 2020 it was going bad, that’s why we decided to re-open it. With the hope of have a better history. Actually i am working with kerx to recruit more members and walking away of the government of Alex.

Kerx: it was amelia’s idea. It was not in my plans to revive WN, Amelia one day told me about reuniting all the members there and i decided to accept to help her in any way possible.

What are your plans for this generation? Could you tell me a bit about them, and how you wish to execute them?

Amelia: Our plans are try to make more than 15+ users in every event we do, and we are doing a portuguese division, with the help of Fire (Os Mascarados leader) and some members of EGCP. We are also giving rewards per events and giving things like nitro and some other accounts. We have more things planned but for now we are going to reveal the division and the reward system.

Kerx: well, unite more Portuguese and Spanish community that has been affected the last times, because armies like ACP or others removed their division. make Wild Ninjas Army bigger than it was, giving benefits to users who really want to be in the army and keep up with the expectations and objectives.

What are some of the things that you look forward to in this generation?

Amelia: Well, we are hoping to get a bigger army and try to be in the top 4 of the best army and make Wild Ninjas a good community that they work together and end the history of WN with one last season.

Kerx: In Wild Ninjas, Integrity among all, togetherness, fairness, trust, and being great. Also to show that each person should be appreciated, no matter where they are from. Outside of Wild Ninjas, more experience and recognition within the armies community, and as always demonstrate greatness.

How do you think the army will do in a few months from now?

Amelia: We hope the army grows and make bigger events with different topics, so i’ll say that the army will grow and we will have the best spanish and portuguese language army.

Kerx: ^

Before we conclude, is there anything else you would like to say, or any advice you would like to give to the readers in general?

Amelia: I have something to say, exactly 2 things. The first one is for all the readers. Feel free to visit or join the army. The second one is for LGA, RPF and ACP. Thanks for all the help you gave me and for the knowledge that I was adapting about the armies, it was thanks to many members of the armies mentioned above, especially thanks for: Crazzy, Ultipenguinj, Koloway, Edu, SlowFood, Greeny, Karma, Fresh, Pookie, Joe and some others members of CPA.

Kerx: Do not underestimate anyone. Just that.


Wild Ninjas in a battle with Rebel Penguin Federation.

It is always exciting to see a new face or a new army in the community. Amelia and Kerx seem to have a lot of plans for the army and are determined in making sure that the army reaches greater heights and sustains good results. We wish Amelia, Kerx, and the Wild Ninjas, best of luck in all their future endeavors!

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