Legend Inductions 2021: The Nominations

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters
– As we approach the end of a turbulent year for CP Armies, it is yet again time for the yearly legends induction process, which again is being run by the legends committee team.

The legends induction process has again been run independently of organisations, with a team of former legends running the process in exactly the same process as last year. The committee heads consists of Mchappy, former ACP leader, Iceyfeet1234, CPAN administrator and IW Leader and myself, a CPAHQ administrator. We were also assisted by Orange to help run the small/medium inductions, holding the same role he held last year championing the S/M induction process.

The process runs very similarly to last year. The main committee is made up of 14 individuals, who will all have an equal say in proceedings and have one vote per candidate. Candidates need 7 votes (or 8 votes, in the case of SM inductions) in order to be inducted into the legends page this year, as they will hold an overall majority of the committee at this threshold. Below are the individuals that make up the legends committee this year:

  • Iceyfeet1234 – 2008 Army Legend
  • Ganger90 – 2011 Army Legend 
  • Mchappy – 2011 Army Legend 
  • Kingfunks4 – 2013 Army Legend
  • Orange – 2016 SM Army Legend
  • Silverburg – 2017 Army Legend
  • DMT – 2019 Army Legend 
  • Superhero123 – 2019 Army Legend 
  • Koloway – 2019 Army Legend 
  • 32op2019 Army Legend
  • Crazzy2020 Army Legend
  • Ayan2020 Army Legend
  • Regan2020 Army Legend 
  • CSY2020 Army Legend

The following are only voting on SM Legends, aided by the main committee:

  • Freedomist2020 SM Army Legend
  • Lightningmcj2020 SM Army Legend

The second part of the vote is of course down to you, the community vote. Every single person in our community will have the opportunity to vote once, and will vote yes or no on each candidate. The top three in the community votes will all receive one bonus vote that goes towards the 7 needed to get legend, with a second community bonus vote on offer if 50% or more of the community votes ‘yes’. These extra two votes could be a deciding factor if the committee is close.

The nominations this year are found below in alphabetical order, with armies represented for major and small/medium nominations.

Major Nominations

Aaronstone (Water Vikings)

Aaronstone42 initially led the Water Vikings during the so-called “Blue Summer” of 2013. This was one of the WV’s most iconic and reminisced era, with the Water Vikings breaking into Major army status for the first time. Aaron re-emerged during the CPPS era to lead the Vikings once again alongside his friend Revan, forming the RevAaron leadership. Starting off early he led the Water Vikings in the Golden Seas War II, while Revan was on leave, the underdog Water Vikings defeated the Templars in this war. In the early fall of 2021, Aaron, alongside Revan and Misty led the Water Vikings to victory during the Champions Cup Tournament in 2021, capturing the Water Vikings first ever tournament championship, defeating Templars in the final. He also pushed the army to a record placement in the CPPS Army era, topping Help Force and Army of CP to reach the top four. He was arguably one of the main players in WV’s success during this time. Outside of the Water Vikings, Aaron is also known for leading the Underground Mafias Army, leading the army to the top ten in 2013-14, as well as leading the Pretzels to sizes of 50+.

Bio written by Kingfunks4

Barney/Vedant (Help Force)

Vedant is known for leading Help Force to commanding heights in CP Armies. He joined HF in April 2019, but his activeness and determination allowed him to reach a staff position in a few months. As a high command, he helped the army to defy all odds and get to the finals of the Legends Cup X. Following the tournament, he was given the rank of Commander. Considered the most influential member of HF in 2020, he has lead the army through multiple tournaments, also bagging the Aces of AUSIA 2020 trophy. Under his leadership, the army has defeated several major armies and hold the highest HF max ever—121. With 2021’s Quadrata coming in force, he helped the army attain multiple #1 positions on the Top Tens. Under Vedant’s leadership, HF defeated the Ice Warriors during Legends Cup XI, maxing 83, and made its way into the finals. Vedant retired from leadership in December 2021, and was awarded with the title of HF Legend.

Bio written by Ayan

Brownpen4 (Templars)

Brownpen started his army career in the year 2017, joining the Romans, working his way up to a high command rank before leaving for the Rebel Penguin Federation. Brownpen eventually joined the Templars in April 2018, and was promoted to leader of the Templars in January 2019 and had an instant impact on the army and achieved Templars Legend within a few months. Under his leadership in 2019, Brownpen led the Templars to 40+ numerous times and won wars against the RPF, EGCP and the Royal Family. Brownpen also served as temporary ’emperor’, and under his reign the Templars territory greatly expanded to dominate the map. In 2021, Brownpen has helped the Templars to push to the number one spot on numerous occasions, reaching sizes upwards of 60, challenging the dominance of the BIA. The Templars engaged in numerous successful wars against armies such as the Water Vikings and Silver Empire, and also reached the later stages of numerous tournaments. In their war against SWAT, Brownpen recruited hundreds of people which was was critical for their success. Brownpen also worked on numerous alliances, such as the Red Dawn Alliance, and facilitated alliances between Smart Penguins, PIC and even a colonization deal with the Dark Vikings. Brownpen also did a lot of internal work, as he formulated organised recruiting and welcoming sessions, heavily contributing to the armies rise in May 2021. Soon after this, Brownpen went on to lead numerous victories, notably the 3-0 victory in the Battle of Ascent vs ACP, as well as the double 3-0 vs SWAT during Operation: Templaria. The Templars grew as a force to be reckoned with through 2021, with Brownpen playing a key role in this rise to the very top of our community, whilst his longevity as leader can not be doubted with four years of involvement.

Bio written by Kingfunks4/Xing

Cubster (Army of CP)

Cubster first joined armies in 2014, quickly establishing a reputation as one of the notable AUSIA leaders in the SM community, heralding armies such as the Royal Penguins and Chaos to major status. He rejoined ACP in February of 2020 as a member, ranking up to Higher Command in early May 2020. During his tenure as 2ic, he was bestowed the Bronze Medal Award in November 2020 as one of the key reasons ACP broke their size record of 116 troops online in the Fight or Fright finals against the RPF. As a prolific AUSIA figure, he helped push the first army-ran AUSIA tournament Aces of AUSIA in December 2020, where ACP broke AUSIA creator and Panel of Guardian Flipmoo’s long-held record with a size of 77 penguins. He was promoted to temporary Commander-in-Chief in March 2021, where under his leadership, ACP claimed 1st place on the TT twice, leading the Army of CP to become the first army to win against the RPF in a tournament battle since 2019 in the highly contested March Madness semi-finals, facing off against the Ice Warriors in the tournament finals to sizes of 97. Officially becoming leader in June 2021, Cubster once again became a crucial reason to ACP’s winning of CPAHQ’s Project: Conquest tournament. In terms of external affairs, despite being AUSIA, he was one of the unifying voices in foreign relations, leading and bringing peace during wars against the Templars, SWAT and Doritos

Bio written by CSY

Elexonck (Rebel Penguin Federation)

Elexonck would first begin her army career in 2018 by joining RPF, and become a member of staff by the fall of 2019. After reaching the position of 2nd-in-Command, Elex would take part in leading many of RPF’s successful war invasions against the Recon Federation, Water Vikings, and other enemy armies. Once Cosmo retired from his solo leader position in February 2021, Elex would become Rebel Commander alongside F6sixer. She then continued to lead RPF to 100+ sizes at the 14th RPF anniversary celebration, and preserved RPF’s champion titles by winning both Legends Cup XI and Christmas Chaos XI. Elex would also serve as a spokesperson figure for RPF during the infamous March Madness 2021 controversy and again during the war against the Templars army. During her leadership, RPF’s seen the #1 spot on Top Ten the most out of any army this year, and kept RPF in the top 5 for the remaining weeks.

Bio written by Crazzy

F6sixer (Rebel Penguin Federation/CP Army Network)

F6sixer, known simply as F6, would first be acquainted with armies in early 2019 when he joined the Rebel Penguin Federation. F6 joined RPF HCOM before the end of the year, and would play a role in helping lead Strike Force training events. F6 would serve as a crucial 2nd-in-Command during RPF’s successful tournament wins in CPAM’s Premier League Tournament, Christmas Chaos X, World War Rewritten battles and other competitions. He would then become RPF leader in February 2021 after serving his time as a key 2nd-in-Command. F6’s leadership would be involved in the infamous March Madness 2021 semifinals, pushing him to eventually draft a new league with Iceyfeet1234 known as the Club Penguin Army Network in May 2021. With its launch, F6 would be responsible to bring back an official community map after 5 months without one, while working with Commando717 and his own coding abilities. F6 would lead RPF to a max of 100+ in its 14th anniversary event, and a win in Legends Cup XI and Christmas Chaos XI tournaments.

Written by Crazzy/Dino

Flamez (Ice Warriors)

Flamez started his career in CP Armies over a decade ago, working his way up the ranks of multiple legendary armies. Between 2ic in RPF to leader in Pirates, Golds, and most notably the Ice Warriors, Flamez has built up a renowned portfolio during his career. During the CPPS era, Flamez was primarily a Leader in the Ice Warriors, but he also helped revive the Golds in 2020, aiding them to get back on their feet, and eventually reaching sizes of 80+ at times during their war with DCP. In the Ice Warriors, Flamez helped lead the army to two March Madness tournament victories, one of which the Ice Warriors reached a whopping size of 165+, and the other 100+. On top of this, he also lead the Ice Warriors throughout the entirety of their ongoing wars against DCP and later the NDA, reaching sizes of 100+ during several battles, and eventually bringing the Ice Warriors to victory after the downfall of the NDA. At both the Legends Cup X and CCX tournaments, peak sizes ranging from 100-120+ were also achieved under Flamez throughout multiple rounds. Outside of the battlefield, Flamez was inducted in both the Ice Warriors and RPF Hall of Fames, as Ice Warriors Legend and RPF Hero. In addition, he was one of the core founders of the Black Ice Alliance, the strongest alliance in modern day armies. Under Flamez leadership throughout 2021, the Ice Warriors remained in 1st / 2nd place in most of the Top 10’s. Upon his retirement, Flamez has been actively advising the Ice Warriors throughout the remainder of 2021.

Bio written by Iceyfeet1234

Kally (Ice Warriors)

Kally first joined the Ice Warriors in early 2020, quickly making her way up the ranks to achieve Leader in Training in the fall of 2020. During this time, Kally lead the Holds Bug Army, as well as the Water Ninjas, where she lead them to constant sizes of 35+. Before finally achieving the official rank as Leader in the Ice Warriors, Kally aided the leaders as a Leader In Training during the CCX Tournament and March Madness 2021 tournament, helping solidify IW’s 1st place victory. In the Spring of 2021, Kally officially became Leader in Ice Warriors. During her time as Leader, she brought the Ice Warriors to the Semi Finals in the Legends Cup XI tournament with sizes of 80+, the finals of the Christmas Chaos tournament with sizes of 75+, and maintained the Ice Warriors in the 1st / 2nd place in the Top 10 for a majority of the year. In addition to leading countless battles, Kally helped innovate IW by creating the IW News Center and worked with her Staff to form the IW Olympics. Outside of IW, Kally was heavily involved in the media aspect of armies, serving as Associate Producer of CPAH, Editor of CPAN, and was named Reporter of the Year 2020.
Bio written by Iceyfeet1234

Max (Army of CP/CP Army HQ)

Max initially joined the Army of CP in November, 2019, as a Private and moved up to the rank of second-in-command by February, serving in this position until June 2021, where he then served as permanent leader for two months. Within his time as 2ic of ACP, he also served as temporary leader twice whilst CSY was on leave and achieved first on the top ten twice. In his temporary leadership, he led the ACP against the Ice Warriors in the finals of the March Madness tournament where ACP maxed 97.The Army of CP also won CPAHQ’s inaugural Project: Conquest tournament under his leadership, beating competition from Silver Empire, Templars and Water Vikings. Outside of ACP, Max is well known in within the media circle. He was initially CP Army Media Vice President in 2020, and helped to push the merger with CPAL to form CP Army Hub. He then served as CPAH Executive Producer until their closure in January 2021, where he was known for special reports investigating multi-logging within the community, as well as being the heart of many administrative projects. He also ran Shamrock Bulletin, which hosted key 2021 events such as the color wars and spring showdown, as well as keeping the Top Ten going for the community, as well as working with CPA Headquarters admins to change the universal Top Ten formula, before later joining CPAHQ as an Editor-In-Chief in Autumn of 2021. Max is also well known for hosting community pride events, most notably the community pride parade in 2021, where all 14 armies attended. It was the first and only time the CPA community has got approval and support from the CPR admins to host an event with no server bar restrictions, in which 100+ attended

Bio written by Kingfunks4

Racecar (Templars)

Racecar first joined armies in the summer of 2019, ranking up to leader in a matter of months but his leadership throughout the late part of 2019 to the early part of 2020 was largely uneventful and ended prematurely. However, he made his return later in 2020, once again ranking up to leader and this time he was determined to bring success to the Templar empire. During the early months of 2021, the Templars were considered a top medium army and one that was gradually rising. By May, the Templars had become a formidable force, frequently maxing in the high 30s and reaching the major army status that had eluded them for so long. They would not stop here either as they only continued to grow as they were beginning to max 40 more and more frequently. Under Racecar, the Templars also slowly began to compete with other major armies, managing to reach the semi finals of the eleventh edition of the legends cup but they lost out to eventual tournament winners RPF in a clean sweep. However, the Templars would not allow this to stunt their growth as they continued to improve and were eventually able to compete against the top armies. The Templars would frequently declare war on armies such as the Silver Empire and Water Vikings, often coming out victorious. The Templars once again reached a semi final under Racecar’s leadership, this time during Christmas Chaos where they just narrowly lost out to the Ice Warriors. Thanks to the leadership of Racecar, the Templars had seen constant rise and improvement in the year of 2021 when many other armies regressed, leading to them winning the Biggest Rise of 2021 award.

Bio written by Freedomist

Revan (Water Vikings)

Revan has been an important figure in the new CPPS Water Viking era, having been a successful leader in the former era of armies during his time leading in both the revival of the Water Vikings and in the blue summer. He once more helped WV’s revival in the new CPPS era by providing WV with a new website and supporting them during their early days during events and advising. In his leadership of the army, the Water Vikings won their first ever tournament by beating Templars in the final of the Champions Cup VI tournament this year, whilst pushing the army towards the Top Five, as well as the Top Four which was a record for the Water Vikings post 2020. In his time as WV leader this year, Revan helped the army win numerous wars against armies such as the Templars and SWAT. Outside of WV, Revan has been a successful leader of other armies, notably including leading the Light Troops alongside Epic101 to successful sizes of up to 100 and leading the Marines to sizes of 40-50+ and a strong top ten placement during the CPO era.
Bio written by Kingfunks4

Small/Medium Nominations

Amber (Silver Empire/CPAHQ/CPAN)

Amber first joined armies in April of 2020 in the newly formed army, the Silver Empire. Throughout 2020, Amber’s leadership transformed the Silver Empire into one of the leading armies, seeing them achieve victories within the opening stages of tournaments such as in the Beach Brawl, Challengers Cup and Christmas Chaos. Throughout the year, the Silver Empire had managed to reach the major top ten on numerous occasions, contesting large armies like the Doritos, SWAT and Templars along the course of the year. However, success did not stop for Amber and the Silver Empire. Under Amber in 2021, the Silver Empire reached as high as fifth on the top ten on numerous occasions, often placing above historic armies. The Silver Empire was no stranger to war within 2021 either as they were at war with numerous armies, seeing them earn many victories against formidable foes – most notably the Help Force and other members of the Vengeance Alliance in what some consider World War VIII, despite defeat on war score they signed a treaty to end the war on equitable terms. In a year where many armies have struggled, Amber frequently led the Silver Empire to sizes of 30+ which managed to grant Silver Empire major army status for multiple months. Thanks to the leadership of Amber, the Silver Empire managed to thrive and play a key part in the landscape of armies in 2021 where many other armies failed.

Bio written by Freedomist

Austin (Fire Warriors)

AustinFraud began his career by joining the Rebel Penguin Federation sometime in 2014. Although his time there was short, it was the Rebels that allowed him to gain the experience necessary to move forward. In 2020, AustinFraud created the Athletes – a Club Penguin Online Small/Medium powerhouse. Austin lead the Athletes until their eventual closure and merge into the Elites. Eventually, Austin ranked up to Elites Leader and would go on to lead their most successful generation to date – with their record-breaking sizes of 60+ in their closing event a particular highlight. Although Elites had arguably reached their peak already, Austin helped maintain this success. After the death of Flash, AustinFraud was recruited to lead the newest Fire Warriors generation. With him at the helm, alongside Sweater and Cassie, the army would consistently reach sizes of 15-20, peaking as high as 33 and even beat legendary S/M armies such as the Golden Troops and People’s Imperial Confederation in the Challengers Cup II, winning the tournament without dropping a single room. AustinFraud’s impact on the Fire Warriors was – and is – undeniable, paving the way alongside the other leaders for their most successful generation to date.

Bio written by Sweater

Bri (Red Ravagers)

MermaidBri joined Club Penguin Armies in April, 2020 after being recruited into the Special Weapons And Tactics. Not liking it there, she quickly left to join the Doritos. Sometime after, she left the Club Penguin Online scene entirely and joined Dark Bandits. Unfortunately, they closed down but the members there created the Red Ravagers – something MermaidBri herself played a vital role in – and she ultimately joined for Third-in-Command. She would then go on to rank up to leader, and has led some of the most important events and battles in the history of the army. She played a major role in the victory against Templars in the March Madness tournament, and established the Red Ravagers as a household name in the small/medium army community.

Bio written by Sweater

Coolguy (Special Weapons & Tactics)

Coolguy joined his first army, the United Countries, sometime in 2012. He did something that not many people do and worked his way up to leader in his original army instead of moving around. Throughout the years he has held various high command positions across multiple armies, but is mostly known for his leadership in Special Weapons And Tactics. Under him, SWAT have risen, battled, fallen and risen up again and so much more. Rather notably, he led his army through wars against the likes of Water Vikings, Templars and Pizza Federation – managing to win various battles against those armies. Their war versus Water Vikings, who were a major army at the time, was known as the Eagre Foray where SWAT maxed an impressive 42+. It was under Coolguy’s leadership that SWAT established themselves as a consistent presence in the top ten and were awarded major army status. Alongside Ganger and Mare, Coolguy helped establish the Western Bloc Alliance alongside the Water Vikings and Silver Empire battling against the Vengeance Alliance where they achieved numerous victories. SWAT emerged as the strongest contending S/M army in tournaments such as March Madness and Christmas Chaos.  All in all, the modern day SWAT is a powerhouse in the small/medium community and that is largely accredited to Coolguy and his work.

Bio written by Sweater

Df (Silver Empire/CP Army HQ)

Df44 first joined Club Penguin Armies in 2020, after being recruited into the Water Vikings. His loyalty, hard work and great interest in CPA community and history earned him quick promotions, and by early 2021 he achieved the rank of 3rd in Command. In June 2021 he left Water Vikings to revive and lead Smart Penguins alongside Superhero123. He led that generation into sizes of 20+ multiple times, and even managed to beat Golden Troops in a war in late summer. After SP shut down in the end of summer, df44 went on to join Silver Empire as a 2ic and was promoted to leader in October 2021. Under his reign, the army achieved sizes of over 30. Outside his CPA warfare achievements df44 has been greatly involved with CPA media websites and leagues, as a CPAHQ Reporter, Moderator and Head Judge and CPA Wiki Senior Moderator.

Bio written by Superhero

Mare (Speical Weapons & Tactics)

Mare’s army journey began in April 2020 by joining newly reopened SWAT as a staff member. After a brief stint in Golds, she rejoined SWAT as third in command where she made a prominent name for herself. When she joined, SWAT was struggling as a S/M army, however she was able to turn this around quickly by her recruiting skills. She earned SWAT leader in August 2020 which began her long, successful tenure. She would play an essential role in numerous SWAT wars, fighting against ACP and Pizza Federation. Her two most notable war victories were against the Templars and Water Vikings. Their war versus Water Vikings, who were a major army at the time, was known as the Eagre Foray where SWAT maxed an impressive 42+. It was under Mare’s leadership that SWAT established themselves as a consistent presence in the top ten and were awarded major army status. Her approach to leading and determination for success made her a fan favourite within the army and community. Most recently, Mare helped establish the Western Bloc Alliance alongside the Water Vikings and Silver Empire battling against the Vengeance Alliance where they achieved numerous victories. SWAT emerged as the strongest contending S/M army in tournaments such as March Madness and Christmas Chaos besting all other armies within the same category whilst having Mare at its helm. Outside of SWAT, Mare was one of the founders and leaders of One Direction Army who have achieved 25+ and was a constant staple on the S/M top ten while also participating in numerous tournaments under Mare’s leadership. She also created Dua Inn Lipa Fighters in 2021 maxing 30+ and has been a regular feature on the top ten.

Bio written by Regan

Neha (Red Ravagers)

Neha initially joined armies in March, 2020 when she was recruited by the Rebel Penguin Federation. After moving around for the first few months, she joined the Red Ravagers for a high command position. From there, she worked her way to leader and under her the Ravagers would grow immensely. Sometime after her promotion, March Madness took place and Neha – alongside MermaidBri – shocked the army community when the Red Ravagers were able to take down a then-major Templars for the first round. Red Ravagers are known to be a fairly consistent S/M army and most of that fact can definitely be attributed to Neha. After her time in the Ravagers had come to a close, Neha took up a leading position within the Golden Troops and she was able to grow them to the same standard as she had for her previous army.

Bio written by Sweater

Shallissa (People’s Imperial Confederation)

Shallissa originally joined armies in June of 2019 as a member of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin and gained recognition for her role in the army where she remained until 2020. Following a brief stint as a Templar leader in the latter portion of 2020, Shallissa joined the People’s Imperial Confederation in January 2021 as a fourth-in-command, playing a major part in the armies revival which would see her gain the prestigious rank of leader within a month. Under the leadership of Shallissa, PIC would sustain maxes of 15-20, peaking at up to 26, and frequently feature on the top ten – sometimes as high as 7th. The PIC were no stranger to war either as they found theirselves in conflict with the Golden Troops and Post Malone Army, eventually concluding in a victory for the People’s Imperial Confederation. The PIC most notably found themselves as belligerents in the Vengeance War, sometimes regarded as World War VIII by some, which would see the Confederation successfully take on the likes of the Water Vikings. Along with victories in warfare, Shallissa’s efforts saw the PIC reach the finals of the second Challengers Cup where they were eventually beaten. Shallissa’s endeavours would see her be inducted as a PIC legend whilst PIC was named the second best SM army.
Bio written by Freedomist

Sweater (Fire Warriors/CPAN/CPAHQ)

Sweater first joined armies in May of 2013 and over the many years he’s been in armies he has played an influential role within multiple armies. Notably, Sweater revived the Fire Warriors for a sixth generation in February of 2021. This generation of the Fire Warriors would go on to partake in 2021’s edition of the March Madness tournament where they would just narrowly lose to the Silver Empire in the first round in a battle decided by an overtime room. Despite losing, the Fire Warriors managed to max an impressive 30+, truly showing their potential. Under Sweater, the Fire Warriors continued to average a size of 15 which was enough to see them frequently feature in the top ten. The Fire Warriors would later take part in the eleventh edition of the Legends Cup where they defeated the Spartans in the first round but were unfortunate to be matched against eventual tournament winners RPF. However, the Fire Warriors would go on to take part in the second edition of the Challengers Cup where they were crowned victorious, beating the likes of the Golden Troops, Smart Penguins and Silver Empire as they managed an impressive 9-0 record throughout the tournament. However following internal conflict, the Fire Warriors announced their closure just a week after their victory in the Challengers Cup II. Despite the shut down of the Fire Warriors, Sweater’s leadership and success in leading the Fire Warriors would see FW be named the Best SM army.

Bio written by Freedomist

In order to vote, please head to this google form. You must vote for all nominations with a yes/no, and anyone found to have submitted multiple votes will be disqualified or have all votes nullified. Nominees are allowed to promote the form and encourage people to vote on it, however they are not allowed to discourage people voting for other candidates. The community votes are open for one week, meaning you have until December 31st to vote.

Please bare in mind once you have voted on the form you MUST DM a member of the committee to confirm you have voted, otherwise your vote could be invalidated. 

The legend committee and CP Army HQ wish all candidates the best of luck in this round of votes.

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