Advisor’s Advice: Festive Multilogging Special

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – What is Christmas without a bit of drama or controversy? Therefor, this week is the perfect time to ask our advisors about the popular and much-loved topic of mulitlogging.

Welcome to the festive edition of ‘Advisor’s Advice’! For this edition I went to six different army advisors and asked them about the popular and controversial army community topic, multilogging. What advice will we end up receiving from our advisors about this topic?

The advisors were asked: 

‘What would you do if you caught a leader or another member of staff?’

Morty, Help Force’s Advisor

Gather as much evidence as I could and present it to the leader or co-leader to give people a chance to explain themselves and let them know you do not want an army of cheaters.

I would talk to them to see if they could stop as I don’t really support it
For staff, I would talk to the leaders and let them solve it further

Perry, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Advisor

Definitely first thing would be confronting the person involved once proof is conclusive, punishment would be handed out right after.

Wiggly, Silver Empire’s Advisor

Probably warn them that if they continue to do that some petty CPA member is gonna use it against them in some petty post and cause drama, so multilog wisely.

Popcorny, Templar’s Advisor

Seeming as they’ve been caught, clearly they’ve not done a good job. First of would defo give them a promotion for trying if they’re a lower rank as it shows some good dedication which you do like to see. Most importantly however we’d talk about how to multilog better. I’m sure various topics would be discussed such as penguin rotation, opportune times to do it and most importantly, the important lesson to shut the f*** up about it.

Mare, Water Viking’s Advisor

Well if it was their member I’d let the leader know what’s going on and they will handle the rest. If it’s a leader doing that I would call them out for it in their DMs.

It is clear that all of our advisors do not agree with multi logging and they would immediately warn and punish the members caught. What would you do if you found someone multilogging? Do you agree with our advisor’s advice?


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