Going Green Again: Lime Green Army Return To The Community

GREAT WHITE, Lime Green Army Historic Capital – The Lime Green Army makes a big return to the army community this holiday season, effectively spicing things up and leaving everyone excited to see what they have to offer.

The Lime Green Army was established by Greeny back in April 2013. Such a decision stemmed from a desire to revolt from his main army, the Barbarians. The Limes have gone through a series of leaders throughout the years. Most notably, Memmaw, who revived the army back in 2019. Chainpro, Zeke, Fresh, and Karma are some of the other names included in the Lime Green Army’s long history.

During their time, the Lime Green Army actively invaded land, even holding multiple invasions in one day. This caused several disputes between the Limes and other armies whose land they conquered. In order to aid this problem, they merged with the Rebel Penguin Federation. Eventually, however, the fusion got dissolved. Following the Limes’ comeback in 2019, they fought more wars with the likes of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin and the Pretzels.

The Lime Green Army facing off against the Pretzels during the Freshly Squeezed War.

After shutting down twice, the Limes are back into the army community. The Lime Green Army is now being led by Komodo and Toastyy, with creator Greeny as an Advisor. Following the army’s first event since the recent revival, leadership seems to be on board with the continuation of activities. Additionally, the limes recently became allied with the Trojans in an attempt to begin establishing ties with other armies.

Lime Green Army return event

The Lime Green Army having their revival event.

Club Penguin Army Network grabbed an interview with one of the current leaders, Komodo, to hear what he had to say regarding the state of the army.

What led to your decision to revive the Lime Green Army?

 Well, it wasn’t just my decision. Me and toastyy offered to lead and revive the army and Greeny accepted. I did it because it would be amazing to see the Limes back and better than ever.

Do you have any plans in mind for the army in the near future?

 Oh yeah, we were talking about creating a Roblox Division, but our main plans are the increasement of LGA’s sizes and reaching an awesome performance at events.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Limes’ return?

 Well I look forward to make this new generation of Limes the best one!

Thank you for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

 Long Live The Green!

As the Lime Green Army returns to the community, everyone is anticipating to see what their comeback entails! We would like to welcome them back, and wish them luck in their future. As always, Club Penguin Army Network will keep you posted on any new developments.

What do YOU think? Will the Limes return to their former glory? Will the new leaders pave the way to a bright future? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord server’s general chat!


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