How Is YOUR Army Celebrating The Holiday Season? – Part 1

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The holiday season is here, with Christmas and New Year just around the corner! What is your army doing for the holiday season, this year? How is your army celebrating? 

Greetings, everyone! We hope you all are taking care of yourselves and staying safe, this holiday season. This year, CPAHQ decided to check on all the active armies and ask about their plans for this jolly time of the year. So snuggle up, with some hot cocoa and marshmallows, and let’s see what the armies are up to!

Ice Warriors

Ice Warriors as Santas.

To find out, what the Ice Warriors are up to this holiday season, I reached out to Kally, one of the current Leaders of Ice Warriors. Here’s what she had to say:

Kally: The Ice Warriors have been preparing for Christmas with a fun Candy Cane Hunt, and many themed events and battles, such as the Santas vs Elves PB with our friends, the Water Vikings. We have also dressed up as Snowflakes against RPF and even had a themed Ornament battle. We have many more fun events planned, but will also take the time to hang out with our friends and fellow army members. For the upcoming Christmas break, we have also announced a fun Talent Show to bring everybody together and celebrate each other’s talents! Lastly, we will have some huge and massively anticipated events coming up that I cannot reveal quite yet. Just wait and see! :snowflake3_pottercord:

Water Vikings

Water Vikings as Elves.

To find out what the Water Vikings’ plans were for this holiday season, I reached out to, Misty, one of the current Leaders of Water Vikings. Here’s what she had to say:

Misty: For this holiday season, the Vikings are showing our holiday spirit with a bunch of Christmas-themed events and movie nights. We’ve come up with themed uniforms for each of our ranks to mix things up! We’re also doing themed pfps, themed names, and roles too! In addition to this, we want to do something for the community. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you’ll find out soon enough 😉

Special Weapons and Tactics

SWAT as Holiday Ornaments (Baubles).

To find out what SWAT has planned for this holiday season, I reached out to, Mare, one of the current Leaders of Special Weapons and Tactics. Here’s what she had to say:

Mare: We are planning to have our annual end of the year Winter Gala where we give out medals to people who win the polls! As well as doing a bunch of themed events for the holidays. Also, most recently we had an event where the troops had to find where Santa was hidden on the map. They were surprised that the REAL SANTA CLAUS joined our event on Clubpenguin.

Silver Empire

Silvers as Gingerbreads.

To find out what the Silvers had up their sleeves for this holiday season, I reached out to, Holly, one of the current Leaders of Silver Empire. Here’s what she had to say:

Holly: SE is hosting our first-ever Annual Winter Ball today (Saturday) and we’ve invited lots of people within the server and outside of the server too, including our allies. We are also hosting movies daily as part of our Movie Marathon! We’ve got a new banner and icon which we will be changing to after the Ball and also are doing the ’12 days of SE.’:LAUGH:


Trojans in a recent event.

To find out, what the Trojans are up to this holiday season, I reached out to Ivy, the creator, and one of the current Leaders of Trojans. Here’s what she had to say:

Ivy: We’re definitely going to host tons of fun-themed events, but our main focus will be on taking care of our community. Unfortunately, the holidays aren’t always bright and cheery for everyone, due to any number of irl circumstances. We’ll do our best to take their minds off of it, and offer them support if needed <33

Army of Club Penguin

Army of Club Penguin in their nap outfits.

To find out what ACP’s plans were for this holiday season, I reached out to, Jesus, the current Leader of the Army of Club Penguin. Here’s what he had to say:

Jesus: We are having a Christmas theme week, and there will be challenges and a lot of ways for people to earn clovers (ACPS Currency). 

Red Ravagers

Red Ravagers in their Holiday Outfits.

To find out what the Red Ravagers have planned for this holiday season, I reached out to, Bo, the current Leader of Red Ravagers. Here’s what she had to say:

Bo: We started off the season with a server revamp so that we could have everything organized and tidy. We held a Christmas-themed uniform contest and plan to incorporate the winning submission into our special Christmas event.

From the statements that I have received from the 7 army leaders, it seems that this holiday season will be quite happening and exciting not only for the armies involved but for the community at large. Make sure to stay tuned for another post, where I will be covering the rest of the armies, and know about their plans. Hasta la vista, cuídate!

—————————————-TO BE CONTINUED————————————-

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