Christmas Chaos XI: Grand Finals Announcement

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The Semi-Finals for Christmas Chaos XI have now concluded. Which two armies will be facing off in the Grand Finals?

The finals of Christmas Chaos XI have arrived, and only 2 armies remain: the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors. Round 2 was packed with excitement for these armies, and if you would like to catch up with how those battles progressed – you can read our results post here. Below you can find the bracket and the times of the Grand Final.

CCXI Final Bracket – Click To Enlarge.

Grand Final Time and Information

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Ice Warriors

Saturday, December 18th at 2PM EST

The winner of the Grand Final will receive the coveted Christmas Chaos XI trophy! With the two armies as finalists for the second year in a row, the question remains – will the Rebels seize the trophy again? Club Penguin Army Network will keep you updated, good luck to both armies!

What do YOU think about Christmas Chaos? Which army will be lucky enough to take home the trophy? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord Server!


CP Army Network Editor

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