CPAHQ Holiday Season 2021


KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – As we approach the Christmas holidays, we of course have many events in the works for you to get involved with, as we outline our exciting plans for the holiday season at CP Army HQ.

Christmas Chaos XI

by the CP Army HQ content team.


We continue with our unmatched coverage of the Christmas Chaos XI tournament, which is already in full swing as the Templars, Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors and Help Force battle it out for a place in the final this weekend. As part of our coverage, we will provide quick results posts, update you with the timings and schedule, provide interesting predictions from Todoro and the editors/administration and also some new youtube content from Beasto to show you any action that you missed. CP Army Headquarters is the place to be for coverage of the 11th edition of the Christmas Chaos.

Top Ten Armies of the Year

by Max

As is a usual media tradition, CP Army HQ will be producing the top ten armies of the year, which will compile the top tens from the very first top ten in January to the last in December. This post by Max will include the order of the armies for this year, as we see if there have been major changes from 2020. It will also include a statistical analysis of armies performance from across 2021, as we look at who held the number one spot the most and understand how army performance changed and fluctuated through the year. This is an interesting post that is not to be missed.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

by Myth, Conor, Spotty & Max

Our scavenger hunt will take place from the 20th-23rd December, where we will hide Christmas items around our discord and website for you to find. More details will be released by our team of editors, but in this competition the images will have letters that you will need to find in order to put together to make a festive word. The winners will be the selected from the fastest people to find the word, and will win some fantastic prizes. In order to build suspense, the prizes will be kept a secret until the team announce the competition!

Holiday Trivia

by Rach, Disha, Spotty & Max.


Another community competition for you to get involved in is our holiday trivia. This competition is due to start tomorrow and run until the 24th December, where there will be a daily christmas quiz question for you to answer. The person who answers the most questions correctly within the time limit will win the competition. The questions will be posted at various times, allowing for AUSIA, UK and US participation in this competition to ensure it is fair. The person with the most correct answers will win our prizes, which will be confirmed as with the scavenger hunt.

Legend Inductions 2021

by Kingfunks4 & the legend committee team

As usual, the legend induction process will take place at the end of this year as we decide as a community who has earned the coveted title. The exact process, running independently of media organisations, will be outlined in more detail, but a team of 13 already inducted legends have been working on a nominations list which is to be released very soon for us to vote on. As part of our coverage at CPA Headquarters, we will provide a platform to read the biographies and have access to the vote, find out the results and also post reaction to the results. Who will be the latest to be inducted as CP Army Legend?

Top Ten Posts of 2021

by Fusion

The Top Ten posts of 2021 is a big one in the media world. This list, compiled by Associate Director Fusion, will look at the most controversial, eye-catching and conversation sparking posts that have been released this year. It could be some of the special reports that top the tree, or maybe the March Madness statement post, or could it be CPA Headquarters post to CP Army Network? It will be a tough decision to make, but only one post can win the best post of 2021. We anticipate that this will be released around new year.

CP Army Rewind 2021

by Spotty, Rach, Sweater, Disha, Cassie & Max


The CPAHQ rewind for 2021 will follow a similar format to CP Army Hub’s rewind post last year, where we look back on each month of 2021 for CP Armies and review the year. It will include a series of graphics made by our amazing graphics designer Frostty, and some insight and discussion made by our team of editors who will be compiling the post. It has been a turbulent year for armies, with many ups and downs, so it will definitely be an interesting review. This post is due out around the new year, similarly to the two top ten posts.

CP Army HQ Staff Awards

by DMT

Our final segment is the CP Army HQ staff awards, which will be published on our website. Our staff have worked incredibly hard this year to make CPAHQ a hub for our community, producing interesting content and putting forward innovative ideas. As a result, we will be hosting an evening for our staff to announce the winners of awards such as best graphic designer, best judge, best report, best editor and many many other awards. After that evening, DMT will be releasing a post that announces the winners of our awards ceremony. Who do you think deserves an award this year?

I would like to thank Frostty for taking the time to make the graphics for all of this amazing content, as we can now officially begin our Christmas period at CP Army HQ. We hope that as many of you get involved in our competitions as possible, and also look forward to the content that we will be publishing. On behalf of the editorial and administrative teams, we wish you a very merry Christmas.

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