Backup Provided: Astro And Monstah Join SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons And Tactics Capital –  Having contributed vastly to the army, Astro and Monstah were invited to join SWAT leadership. How will this impact SWAT?

The Special Weapons And Tactics were founded in 2009 by Army Legend Ganger90. Formerly a major army; SWAT are well-known for participating in a variety of wars, including wars against the Templars and, most recently the Vengeance Alliance as part of the Western Bloc. Lately they returned to 9th position on the Top Ten having disappeared for the week before.

SWAT facing off against Red Ravagers in CCXI

Astro joined Club Penguin Armies recently during the Rewritten era. Previously, they were a member of the Templars and One Direction Army, before ultimately working their way into SWAT. In the announcement declaring him as part of the leadership team, he was praised for his motivation and willingness to SWAT, serving as one of the main reasons for his promotion.

On the other hand, Monstah discovered Club Penguin armies back in 2012, however he officially joined them in 2018. Known for his achievements, Monstah created the Secret Service, one of the top S/M armies at the end of 2020. Alongside this, he assisted with leading many armies in the past such as the Water Troops and the Wet Army Penguins.

SWAT facing off against Secret Service (under Monstah’s leadership) – LCXI

On December 3rd, 2021, Mare announced the new additions in the SWAT Discord Server. In her statement, it was declared that the pair were promoted due to their hard work and dedication to the army.

The announcement stating Astro and Monstah as leaders. (Click to visit Astro’s promotion post)

Club Penguin Army Network were unable to reach out to Astro, however we were able to speak to Monstah about his leadership promotion.

How did you feel when achieving leader status? Do you think you deserved this promotion?

I was very excited as it certainly is a big responsibility to take on, and I will do my best to be a reliable leader.

If there are any, what changes would you like put into SWAT?

I believe SWAT is perfect just the way it is; but we will remove any obstacle in the way that prevents us from shining even brighter.

What plans do you have in the future?

Build up & restore SWAT back to its former status as a major army along with the rest of the leadership & show the CPA what we are capable of. So stay tuned!

Is there anything you would like to add?

Hell Will Be Unleashed!

It looks like Monstah is eager to take on the role of leader in SWAT. With such a challenge facing him and Astro, Club Penguin Army Network wish them all the best in their leadership.

What do YOU think? Will Astro and Monstah be able to help bring SWAT to major status again? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord Server!


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