Top Ten Armies [11/28/21-12/4/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The calendar flips over to December in this edition of the Top Ten, sending a wave of holiday joy throughout the list.

1. Templars [+0] [68.94]

2. Ice Warriors [+0] [63.33]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [61.96]

4. Help Force [+2] [53.55]

5. Water Vikings [-1] [50.06]

6. Army of Club Penguin [-1] [32.07]

7. Silver Empire [+1] [31.97]

8. Trojans [+1] [28.00]

9. Special Weapons & Tactics [RETURN] [24.74]

10. People’s Imperial Confederation [-3] [23.66]

11. Fire Warriors [NEW!] [21.00]

12. Dark Vikings [+1] [20.50]

13. Red Ravagers [-2] [18.50]

14. Wet Army Penguins [-2] [13.00]


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Biographies were compiled by Amber, Action, Spotty, Shallissa, Sweater, Disha, Comedy, Todoro, & Rach

Calculations completed by DMT

1. Templars: The Templars held 7 events this week. Their first event was an invasion which saw 43 troops invade “New Funksland”. Next up, they saw 13 troops logged on to help defend “Rome”. The army then invade Oreo Factory and saw 42 troops logged on for the event. 15 troops were online for a defense of Oreo Factory. The Templars then invaded Roooome with 38 troops. Christmas Chaos against PIC saw the Templars max 39. To end off their week, 36 troops logged on to invade Chuck-E-Cheese.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held a total of 6 events this week, starting with an AUSIA practice battle against Silver Empire with 33 penguins in attendance. That same day saw 34 Warriors battle each other in a division battle! After a break day, 27 lighthouses took over the island! Next, the Ice Warriors battled Help Force and hit a total of 19 online. Shortly after, 25 Warriors trained for the upcoming tournament and finally, to end off their week a whopping 57 Warriors battled the Silver Empire in Christmas Chaos.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation has had a total of 9 events this week. Starting the week off on a note of light, (Operation: Beacon of Light) 31 rebels showed up wearing the Lighthouse Costume to take over the island with their “flashy formations and light-speed tactics.” Operation: Flex Zone had 22 troops attending, being equipped with a special item to train for their upcoming battle, following which they had a fashion contest (Operation: Fashion Frenzy) that had 29 people attending wearing their amazing outfits. The next event that they had, titled “Operation: Mohawk Madness saw an attendance of 30 troops logging on for training dressed up in their favorite mohawks. Operation: Kart Kruzin had 22 penguins log on to play the infamous Cart Surfing game, after which 26 troops came on to complete tasks given by the army’s HCOM to get the role of Rebel Racer (Operation: Rebel Racer). On Friday, the Rebels logged on for their Operation: Total Eclipse of the Hearts, with their Eclipse glasses and grey sunglasses on for further training, maxing a size of 26. Their weekend started off on a note of a division battle between the Air Force and the Navy, which had a total of 27 people attending (Operation: Local Brewery). The next event that they had titled, Operation: Spidey Senses, had a total of 31 troops logging on wearing the Spider Wig, to train for Christmas Chaos, and it is with this training event, that, they ended their week.

4. Help Force: The Help Force held a total of 4 events this week. They started their week with a battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation, which saw a total of 18 troops attending. Next saw 19 troops log on for a Christmas Chaos preparation battles against the Ice Warriors. This was followed by 26 helpers attending Operation: Pokemon Training. Help Force finished their week with 47 members logging on to say goodbye to 4 of their leaders and celebrate the start of a new generation.

5. Water Vikings: In the midst of their war, the Water Vikings held a total of 8 events this week. Their week began with a successful AUSIA invasion of Rome which saw 13 Vikings in attendance. Next, 27 members attended their defense of New Funksland against the Templars. An AUSIA “Invasion of the Minecart” event witnessed a max of 12 Vikings, later on maxing 18 Vikings in their defense of Oreo Factory. Mid-week saw a series of AUSIA invasions, with the Vikings maxing 16 and 15 members respectively. During an unscheduled AUSIA “Choo Choo” event, their division maxed 18 members. To end their week of combat, the Water Vikings rallied 16 troops online for their defense of Rome.

6. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin held a total of 5 events this week, kicking it off with their invasion of 64, maxing 8. They followed this up with the invasion of 65 and a superhero takeover, seeing 19 and 11 Clovers attending, respectively. Next, 14 Clovers signed on to train, and concluded their week with some snow day festivities, maxing 11.

7. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held four events this week. Kicking it off with a Practice Battle against their allies the Ice Warriors, a max of 11 was recorded. Next, 11 silvers logged on as lighthouses, and took over the lighthouse. Later, the empire decided to do some exploring as they wandered around looking for aliens, with 11 attendees. Their final event of the week was the first round of Christmas Chaos, where they went up against the Ice Warriors, peaking at 22 online.

8. Trojans: The Trojans held a total of 5 events this week. Starting their week on a note of protest, they hosted Puffle Protest, for which 9 troops showed up. Following this, they had a training event, which had 9 people attending, and a Duck Takeover, maxing 9 again. The next event they had, titled “Hockey Day” saw a size of 9 penguins. They ended the week with a practice battle against the Dark Vikings, for which 9 troops attended from their side.

9. Special Weapons & Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics held a total of 2 events this week. They started the week off with a relaxed AUSIA Lighthouse Takeover event, seeing 10 troops in attendance. To conclude their week, SWAT battled it out against the Red Ravagers in Round one of Christmas Chaos XI, maxing 16 respectively.

10. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation held 6 events this week! To start, 9 Soldiers logged on to battle the Help Force followed by 11 logging on to invade Mar-A-Lago. The following day, they invaded Believer Beach with a total of 14 in attendance. The next day, 8 troops trained for an upcoming battle. Shortly after, the Christmas Chaos started and 7 Confederates battled their hearts out. To end off their week, they played Hide and Seek with 6 hiders and 1 seeker, totalling 7 players.

With the holiday season finally arriving, the top three armies remain stagnant.  It is the first time that the Templars have been able to hold on to first place for consecutive weeks.  A few spots below them, the Help Force reclaimed fourth place after an uncharacteristically bad week in the preceding Top Ten.  This sends the Water Vikings back down to fifth, while the Army of Club Penguin falls to sixth.  The biggest fall of the week, though, belongs to the People’s Imperial Confederation.  They slot in at 10th this week, finishing behind the Silver Empire, the Trojans, and a rejuvenated SWAT side.  Lastly, the Fire Warriors made their return to the community on Saturday, maxing 17 in their opening event.

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