Top 10 armies [11/28/21-12/4/21]

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: With the end of the first round of Christmas Chaos we saw many changes in this top ten.

 1. Templars  [+0] (63.47)

2. Ice Warriors [+0] (63.4)

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] (60.53)

4. Help Force [+2] (53.98)

5. Water Vikings [-1] (42.7)

6. Army Of Club Penguin [-1] (31.56)

7. Silver Empire [+1] (30.33)

8. People’s Imperial Confederation [-1] (23.32)

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [RETURN] (22.5)

10. Dark Vikings [+3] (20.5)

–Close to top 10–

11.Red Ravagers [+0] (17.50)

12. Wet Army Penguins [+0] (13.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1.Templars. Templars had an eventful week filled with invasions and defenses. Their first invasion showed a max of 31 and their following AUSIA defense peaked at 14. The squires then maxed at 42 and 15 AUSIA troops joined to defend their land against the Water Vikings. Their final invasion of the war showed a size of 38, and their last event of the week, the quarter-finals against PIC was attended by 39 troops.

2.Ice Warriors The Ice Warriors had a busy with week 6 events.  They began with a practice battle against the Silver Empire, where they maxed 33.  A civil war event saw the army divided for the day and 34 penguins attending.  Following that, the warriors decided to light up the island with a lighthouse event, with 27 lighthouses guiding the ships.  Another practice battle, this time against Help Foce, saw a max of 19.  An AUSIA training event followed, where 25 members logged on to prepare for the upcoming CCXI rounds.  They finished off their week with the first round of Christmas Chaos XI, where they competed against Silver Empire, securing the win, moving on to the next round and maxing 57.

3.Rebel Penguin Federation.RPF had a total of 9 events this week, which began with an EU “Beacon Of Light” event where they maxed 31 penguins. Next, they had a Ausia “Flex Zone” event with a max of 22 penguins, and a US “Fashion Frenzy”, where they maxed 29 penguins. Following that, they put on their mohawks and had an EU “Mohawk Madness” event with a max of 30 penguins. Then, they held “Kart Kruzin,” an ausia event with a max of 22 penguins. Next, they had an EU “Rebel Racerz” event where they maxed 26 penguins, followed by a US “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”, with a max of 22 penguins. Next up, they hosted an Ausia “Local Brewery” event where they maxed 29 penguins. Finally, they ended the week with an EU “Spidey Senses” event, with a max of 31 penguins.


4.Help Force.Help Force held 4 events this week.  They began with a fun practice battle against their allies, the People’s Imperial Confederation, where they maxed 18.  Next up, another practice battle followed, this time against allies Ice Warriors, which saw a max of 19.  Their first AUSIA event of the week, a Pokemon Themed event, had 26 members attending.  They finished their week off on a bittersweet note,  with 47 helpers logging on for a retirement event where they said goodbye to 4 of their leaders.

5.Water Vikings. Water Vikings had 8 events this week. They began with an invasion against Templars maxing 14 troops. They then had a defense against Templars where they maxed 27 troops. After this, they had an invasion where they had a max of 12 troops. Their next event was a defense of their land where 18 troops were present. The next invasion was against Templars where they had 16 troops online. Then they had an AUSIA defense maxing 15 troops. Then they had an AUSIA unscheduled event where they maxed 18. Their final event of the week was a defense against Templars maxing 16 troops.

6.Army Of Club Penguin.The Army of Club Penguin held a total of 6 events this week. They kicked things off by taking part in a friendly practice battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation, maxing 12 clovers. Moving forward, 8 clovers logged on to attempt to invade 64. Later that day however, they showed much more noticeable size at 19 clovers for the Invasion of 65. Up next, they take to the skies as 11 clovers logged on with red capes to fly around the island. After that, 14 clovers logged on for a simple training event followed by a winter mission event that sees a total of 11 clovers logged on.

7.Silver Empire.The Silver Empire held a total of 4 events this week. To start their week off they had practice battle with the Ice Warriors and took part in some Sled Racing after which saw 11 troops online. Next, They lit up the island as lighthouses for a takeover event which 11 slivers attended. 11 troops went on the hunt for some aliens but were unsuccessful. Lastly, they took part in Christmas Chaos against the Ice Warriors which had 22 troops logged on.

8.People’s Imperial Confederation. The People’s Imperial Confederation had a busy week, with 6 events in total.  A practice battle against their allies, Help Force kicked things off, with 9 members attending.  Next up came the invasion of Mar-a-Lago, where PIC successfully added the territory to their land, maxing 11 while doing so.  Another invasion followed, this time of Believer Beach, in which 14 members claimed successfully.  Next up, the confederates held a training event where they maxed 8.  Following that,  PIC went on to compete in the first round of Christmas Chaos XI against the Templars, where they maxed 7.  Last but not least, they finished their week with a relaxing hide n seek event with 7 attending.

9.Special Weapons and Tactics. The Special Weapons and Tactics had a total of 2 events this week, starting off with an Ausia event where they max a total of 9 agents. For their last CCXI qualifiers we saw a total of 15 penguins online.

10.Dark Vikings. The Dark Vikings held 4 events this week.  They began with a classic training event, with 6 attending.  Next up they held another training event that saw a max of 8.  10 vikings logged on for the last training event of the week.  Their week ended with a practice battle against the Trojans, with 9 vikings attending.

With the second round of Christmas Chaos approaching this week, we are expecting some changes in the next top ten.


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