Templars and Water Vikings End The War With A Treaty

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After almost two weeks of continuous battles, the war between the Water Vikings and the Templars comes to an end with a treaty. What was the reason behind signing a treaty? What can we expect the relationship between the two armies to look like in the future?

The war between the Templars and the Water Vikings has gained prominence throughout the army community these past few days, with the two armies having continuous battles, every day. On the 3rd of December, the leadership of the Templars and the Water Vikings signed a treaty to mark the end of the war, which lasted for almost two weeks. The war was initiated on the 22nd of November when the Water Vikings had declared war on the Templars, right after the Silver Empire had broken the war terms for their war against the Templars, by transferring their lands to their brother allies, the Water Vikings. It was after this, that the Water Vikings had declared war on the Knights. After ten days of the war, the two armies decided to conclude it by signing, the “Treaty of the Axe and Sword.”

Treaty of the Axe and Sword

This is not the first time the two armies have engaged in war, as back in August – when the Templars had declared war on the Water Vikings, the two armies had come in contact to fight it out on the battlefield. Since then, there has been tension between the two armies, which is yet to be resolved.

A recent battle between the Templars and the Water Vikings

The Templars, also known as TCP for short, was created on April 4th, 2018, by Xing. The army has faced numerous defacements since then but has risen to be one of the most infamous and strongest major armies of the CPPS era. The army has spawned fourteen legends, a major legend, and an S/M legend, and has become well-known for taking inspiration from the real-life Roman and Byzantine Empires. Since their creation, they have been involved in multiple wars such as World War VII and the Templar’s Exodus. The Templars reached their first tournament finals in the Christmas Chaos 2018. In 2020, they participated in Fjord Frenzy and reached the final round there as well. Recently, in the month of October, they took part in Champions Cup VI, and reached the finals there as well.  In current times, the army has been involved in multiple wars against armies like the Army of Club Penguin, the Silver Empire, and now the Water Vikings. Their most recent achievement was getting the first place twice in the Top-Ten Armies list,(that comes out every week) in the month of November.

Templars win against the Army of Club Penguin

The Water Vikings were founded on December 28, 2010, by Jed Pen and Zakster, and continue to be one of the oldest major armies existing to date. They are remembered for being the first colonized army to break free of colonization and become bigger than their host army. The army has gone through multiple generations but continues to stand strong, even after a decade. In the month of October, they participated in Champions Cup VI, and emerged victorious in the tournament. Earlier, they have participated in tournaments like Legends Cup X where they made it to the Quarter-Final Round but unfortunately lost to the Dark Warriors, and Christmas Chaos, where they made it to the second round. Apart from this, they have participated in March Madness, where they made it to the Quarter-Finals again, and Fright or Fight, where they, unfortunately, lost in the first round. They have also been a part of the Project: Conquest, where they came second, but dropped out. In recent times, they have been a part of  World War VIII, as the Western Bloc with their allies, the Silver Empire, and the Special Weapons and Tactics

Water Vikings win the Champions Cup, against the Templars

CPAHQ had the opportunity to get in touch with Aaronstone, one of the current Water Vikings Leaders, and Xing, the founder and one of the current Leaders of the Templars to know their thoughts on this war coming to an end.

What are your thoughts on this war coming to an end?

Aaronstone: I am happy to see us come together mutually and end the war. It was clear there would be no winner because we would just take the land back etc. so it was nice to sit down and come together on something especially with Christmas Chaos this weekend.

Xing: Good.

How do you think your army did for this war, and what could have gotten better if there’s anything?

Aaronstone: I am extremely proud of how my army has performed over the past 2 months. We’ve been in a constant state of war for that period of time with little to no break in between, and they have answered the call every day at any hour. We have a lot of people here who I believe will play a major part in the next generation of armies, people like Mabel John Pydro Darci, and you can already see it with Villa who already had great success with Trojans. I think we did pretty well considering the circumstances.

Xing: We did very well. AUSIA was catching up as well, Templar Victory, very happy with our performance. All I must say is that we’re onto the next one.

Is there anything that you would like to say to the other army?

Aaronstone: Templars are one hell of an opponent and I enjoy battling them. It’s always close and everyone always pays attention because they know the Water Vikings and Templars will put on a series of close-fought battles.

Xing: Templar Victory.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Aaronstone: Glory to the Wave.

Xing: Templar victory, took more servers than we lost. Onto the next one. The CPAHQ judges will be in for a wild ride.

As another war comes to an end, one can only wait and see what kind of an impact it will have on the army community at large. This war certainly intrigued the members of the army community, and it will be interesting to see what the two armies do in the future, and if the relationship that they share, changes. One thing is for sure, that both the armies are putting up a great fight, and are doing incredible. We wish both armies good luck in all their future endeavors.

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  1. ivy December 4, 2021 (3:56 am)

    I thought the war ended so both armies could focus on ccxi, then saw the se war declaration LOL. gonna be a crazy winter if there’s a new war every week

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