How Well Do You Know Df44 of The Silver Empire?

SNOW STORM, CPAN Reporters Lounge – The army community thrives almost every day, with many people often taking the spotlight on various occasions. However the question remains, who exactly are these people?

Welcome to a brand new column that I will be calling “How Well Do You Know….”, where every two weeks I will be selecting a respected member of the community, so we can all learn a little bit more about them. Today we will be talking to Df44 of the Silver Empire.

Df44 joined the army community in early 2020 as a member of the Water Vikings. He would climb all the way up to Third in Command before departing to revive the Smart Penguins as a Commander in Chief in mid 2021. However, after the closure of Smart Penguins in late August, Df44 joined the Silver Empire as a Grand General, before finding his way up to Silver Commander the following month. Outside of army leadership, he is well known for serving as a Head Judge in Club Penguin Army Headquarters.

Silver Empire with the Western Bloc, during World War VIII.

In order for us to get to know Df44 first, we need to ask him some questions! Hence, I sat down with Df44 earlier today to talk about his persona.

How did you find out about CP Armies?

I found about CP armies back then in about 2010 as a regular CP player. I saw what was an event of a blue army, which I suspect it was either IW or WV. I was asked to join, but never joined. I only enlisted in 2020, after joining the CPR discord server.

When you’re away from CPA, how would you describe your personality?

Either inside or outside CPA I tend to be a really calm person. I care a lot about people and that really defines me in my opinion. I like to help everyone in everything and sometimes that can be really hard to manage.

Do you have any hobbies? What’s your favourite?

Well I play guitar and I am a futsal referee, besides that I am also a member of my student council. I dedicate a lot of time to those activities and I don’t really have a favourite one. Those hobbies are all equally important to me, and each helped me going through difficulties in my life.

What would you say is your most memorable moment in your army career?

There a few highlights, not really just one. One of the moments that definitely meant a lot to me was when I got promoted to Silver Commander, but it can also be the time I won the Golden Intelligence War and Medal of Honor in Smart Penguins, or it can be the moment when I was promoted to HCOM in Water Vikings. In the wider community getting accepted as a reporter and head judge was also very important and memorable to me.

Lastly, do you have anything you want to say to our readers at all?

CPA is definitely an interesting community but odd at the same time. Even though some people take it too seriously, inside it you can make amazing and lasting friendships. You don’t have to be perfect, your success defines itself by your ability and intelligence. This is mostly a strategy game, if you think before making any decision or if you remain loyal to your allegiances you’ll definitely be successful.

From this interview we learnt quite a lot about Df44, and what sort of person he can be regardless of what he is facing. However, my curiosity does not stop there! I asked a member of the staff team to give their honest opinions on Df44 as their leader, and this is what they had to say.

I think it’s great having Df44 as our leader. His previous army experience helps us stay on our toes. He is a reliable, hard-working, and caring individual, who clearly puts in a lot of effort for his army. It’ll be interesting to see what changes he makes to the Silver Empire.

It’s beautiful to see how much Df is praised by his staff members! No doubt has he shown great leadership during his tenure. Club Penguin Army Network wish him a happy career in armies!

How well do YOU know Df44? Would you be interested in being friends with him? Give us YOUR thoughts in the Discord Server!


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