Top Ten Armies [11/21/21-11/27/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Armies begin their conquest on the new CPAHQ Server Map as the month of November comes to an end, resulting in numerous shifts in the Top Ten.

1. Templars [+2] [72.06]

2. Ice Warriors [+0] [63.96]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [58.79]

4. Water Vikings [+1] [54.20]

5. Army of Club Penguin [+1] [34.88]

6. Help Force [-2] [34.06]

7. People’s Imperial Confederation [+0] [32.04]

8. Silver Empire [+0] [29.42]

9. Trojans [+2] [25.77]

10. Bose DK Warriors [+0] [23.17]

11. Red Ravagers [RETURN] [15.50]

12. Wet Army Penguins [RETURN] [15.00]

13. Dark Vikings [-1] [14.59]


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Biographies were compiled by Max, Spotty, Shallissa, Sweater, Disha, Nicky & Rach

Calculations completed by DMT

1. Templars: The Templars began a strong week with an Invasion of Aaron’s Bastion that resulted in a tie. 57 Templars were present. An AUSIA division defense of Constantinople occurred next, with 22 penguins in attendance. A second invasion of Aaron’s Bastion witnessed a max size of 40 and victory for the Templars. Next, an AUSIA defense of Dish Central saw a peak of 18. Finally, their invasion of Feddshire with size of 44 resulted in a victory.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held a total of 6 events this week. They began with a CCX Tournament Training at AUSIA times, peaking at 25. This was followed by a ‘Shovel Takeover + Save Chevy Event’ with size of 31 penguins. A practice battle against the Rebel Penguins on the 23rd saw max size of 29, while another CCXI Training the next day witnessed top size of 34 Warriors. An AUSIA ‘Roast Iceyfeet Event’ saw 31 penguins attend, and finally their Fall Ball witnessed a grand total of 53 penguins join in the party.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation has had a total of 8 events this week. Starting the week off with their non-lethal version of Squid Game having “squidtastic tactics and octopus-like forms”, they hosted Operation: Red Light, Green Light, for which 25 troops showed up to play the well-known game, of being able to reach the other side first during a green light, but not being able to move during a red light. Their next event titled, Operation: Hockey Hysteria saw 21 penguins wear Hockey jerseys and take over the island with their “puck-tacular” tactics! A practice battle with their brother allies, Ice Warriors, is what followed, which had 25 troops attend. Operation: Pooh Bear, saw a max of 30 people attending, dressed in their Winnie the Pooh outfits, which was followed by Operation: Neon Speed, having 19 troops attend wearing their “snazzy neon glasses.” As it was Thanksgiving week, the army held an event for it, titled, Operation: Thanksgiving, that had 28 people log on wearing pilgrim hats, to express their gratitude and respect. Their next event titled, Operation: Rank Pride saw 22 troops attend wearing their respective rank colors, and expressing their pride through these colors. They ended the week on the note of photographs and pictures (Operation: Caught in 4k), having 32 people log on with their cameras to capture the moment (in 4k), and preserving memories in the form of photographs for the future


4. Water Vikings: In the midst of war, the Water Vikings secured 5 events this week. To start off, 34 penguins successfully defended Aaron’s Bastion from the Templars. Secondly, the Vikings attempted to invade Constantinople from the Templars with 17 Soldiers, but saw no victory. Next, their AUSIA Division invaded Dish Central with a total of 14 people. Then, 28 people attempted to defend Aaron’s Bastion, though were unable to this time. To end off their week, they clashed with the Templars once again in an NA Defence of Feddshire, peaking at 22 Vikings but unfortunately they did not win.

5. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin hosted a total of 6 events this week. They started with a civilian attack event where they went around around the Island and terrorized the penguins with a max of 15. Next up they saw 13 troops log on and help add a new piece of territory to their lands. Next 17 troops logged on and the army claimed yet another piece of land. Next, they held a “take fligh” event where some troop got to lead and they had 11 penguins. A battle with the Help Force came next where they saw 13 clovers logged on. To end thier week they had a battle with PIC where they saw 12.

6. Help Force: The Help Force had only three events this week starting with a battle against ACP with a size of 18 penguins online. Next saw a max of 21 in Mission: Finding Racosus. They ended their quiet week with Operation: Bluestorm with 13 in attendance.

7. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation has had a total of 5 events this week. They started the week off with the invasion of 58, a freeland on the map that they have decided to rename as Shalingrad, which saw a total of 18 troops attending. Following this, they had an unscheduled Ausia Division Revival Event, that had 9 people show up. The next event they had was again a freeland invasion, the land being renamed to Czechoslovakia for which 14 people logged on to help expand the army’s territory. After this, the army invaded another freeland, and decided to rename it to Brooklyn, for which 11 people came. They ended their week with a practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin that saw a max of 9 penguins attending for them.

8. Silver Empire: Silver Empire had 4 events this week in total. They started the week off with a training maxing 11. Next Silver Empire invaded server 3 which is now named Chuck E Cheese and then played Connect 4 where 12 silvers were on. To continue their week, Silver Empire invaded server 2 which is now named, Cat Island where 12 penguins were on. To finish their week off, Silver Empire had an AUSIA invasion of server 26 which is now named 999 WRLD and 16 penguins were at that event.

9. Trojans: The Trojans army held 4 events this week. They began with a training event mustering 9 members online, followed by a Hide and Seek event in which 11 troops logged on, They continued their week with a Flash Training event with 10 Trojans online, finishing their week with an AUSIA training maxing 9 troops.

10. Bose DK Warriors: Bose DK Warriors held a total of 3 events this week. They started their week off with “Operation: Bhaago Grahak Bhaago” where they rallied 14 troops online. Next, 14 members successfully invaded server 47 which they renamed to Baap Marega. To end their week, 11 troops assembled for another successful invasion of server 68.

The Top Ten continues to shuffle with activity on the newly established CPAHQ Map. Once more the army pole position has been usurped by the Templars for a second time this month, having been declared war on by the Water Vikings Army. The Ice Warriors remain stable and retain second place, while the ever dominant Rebel Penguin Federation drops two positions to third place. Fourth place is seized by the warring Water Vikings, while the Army of Club Penguin return to the Top 5 once more by placing fifth. Help Force claims sixth in an unusually unsuccessful week, followed by the People’s Imperial Confederation and Silver Empire who retain seventh and eighth respectively. Ninth position is snatched by the Trojans army, with the Bose DK Warriors placing in tenth for another week.

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