CPAHQ Presents: Christmas Chaos XI Round One

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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – CP Army Headquarters are excited to announce the times for the first round of the annual Christmas Chaos tournament, which is now in its 11th edition. The tournament this year will be run by the army leaders board.

The Christmas Chaos XI tournament will feature 3 rounds over a period of 3 weeks starting on Wednesday, December 2nd, with nine armies taking part in proceedings. This is a straight knockout tournament that will see the winners advance into the next round. The battles will take place in an independent server that is dedicated to this tournament, which is where timings and battle updates will be posted, however there will be no general chat so make sure to go to our server for all the reaction and discussion. 

For the seeding, armies decided to use a 4 week average of the Top Tens produced by Club Penguin Army Network (CPAN) and Club Penguin Army Headquarters (CPA HQ). Seeds for the tournament are as follows:

[1] Rebel Penguin Federation

[2] Ice Warriors

[3] Templars

[4] Help Force

[5] Water Vikings

[6] People’s Imperial Confederation

[7] Silver Empire

[8] Special Weapons and Tactics

[9] Red Ravagers

All armies taking part in the tournament nominated 2 judges to a judging panel. This panel is responsible for selecting judges for each CCXI battle. In addition to this, all armies may veto up to 2 judges per battle. The picture of the brackets can be seen below.

CCXI Bracket (click to enlarge)

Round 1 Times and Information

Qualifier Stage: Thursday, December 2nd

Special Weapons and Tactics (8) vs Red Ravagers (9)

5PM EST, 10pm UK

Round 1: Saturday, December 4th

Ice Warriors (2) vs Silver Empire (7)

2PM EST, 7pm UK

Templars (3) vs People’s Imperial Confederation (6)

3PM EST, 8pm UK

Round 1: Saturday, December 5th

Rebel Penguin Federation (1) vs Qualifier Winner

2 PM EST, 7pm UK

Help Force (4) vs Water Vikings (5)

3PM EST, 8pm UK

CP Army Headquarters wishes all participating armies the best of luck, and we hope that this tournament is a success and showcases the very best of our community.

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