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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Often, leaders turn to their advisors for advice, and their guidance is rarely made public knowledge. However, that is all about to change!

Welcome to the first edition of our new column,  ‘Advisor’s Advice’, where I will head around the community to different armies and ask their advisors for advice. Although, not all of the questions that I ask will be serious ones. What advice will we end up receiving from our advisors?

For our first edition, I went around the community and received advice from five different army advisors.

The advisors were asked:

The leader of your army has announced that they are going to declare war without the support of the HCOM or staff, what advice would you offer?

Mchappy, Army of Club Penguin’s Advisor

I would ask for them to at least run it by me and what the reason is for their declaration. Of course I would encourage them to discuss it with others, but if that is completely off the table, then I would just help support them (assuming I’m on board) in articulating themselves in the best way possible so they can answer any and all concerns that the army or those in the community have. Back in my days, myself specifically, would declare war any time at the drop of the hat without consulting anyone so it is something that is not completely foreign to my knowledge. I’ve learned that, at the end of the day, it’s best to let everyone’s voice be heard in some form- leader included.

Moon, Help Force’s Advisor


Shinde, Ice Warrior’s Advisor

I would say that going into the war without the support of the HCOM or staff is not the best idea. Leader without the team is just a lonely person. I would advice to listen to HCOM and staff opinions about the war (like why they are against it) and suggest to tell the team the reasons of the war.

Superhero123, Water Viking’s Advisor

I would be against a war without HCOM approval honestly. Its super hard to win wars when the hcom/staff don’t support the cause, especially against equal/larger armies. It also creates bad inner drama when the leaders dont listen to their HCOM. In extreme cases it can even lead to the army getting split into two/civil wars.

Mattstr0, Templar’s Advisor

Talking to the leaders would include serious discussion about the validity of the hcom/staff concerns, are they fixable? Are they not fixable? Are they just plain stupid? Alienating them is never a good idea, however people will always come and go in this community, so I would pose the question. Do you care about these people’s opinions? Every army has deadwood amongst the ranks that can’t be fired due to their longevity or past achievements, if the argument is coming from them, would you care about their disdain for the war? On the other hand, if the opposition is coming from those active and dedicated, tipped for future leaders, would you react differently? All of these questions have to be addressed and so many more such as the severity of any potential backlash, the scope of the backlash, is the amount of information your giving the hcom swaying opinion in one way or the other?

With different levels of influence for every single person amongst the hcom/staff, it is so important to distinguish if their concerns are valid and worth your time or if these people are nonsensical fools who can go into the sunset without any real issue. The other real conversation that has to be had is that of the benefits of the war itself. War is fickle, especially nowadays with leagues coming and going and with endless rules that people look to catch each other out with rather than fight. A conversation would have to be had whether this potential war would indeed be worth the hassle of the hcom issue, especially in armies with a larger hcom/staff rebellion. War can really rally troops and there is ample potential with fun battles, many could be swayed in time to believe the war to be a good idea, especially if the army is increasing in size and activity.

Finally, the winnability of the war would also play large part in the discussion with the leader. Sacrificing hcom for a losing war is just silly but there are lots of silly people, so perhaps they need someone to tell them that, however an easy war, with victories boosting morale can ultimately overcome any hcom issue as they won’t be complaining, they’ll be celebrating.

In these responses, the majority of the advisors advised that their leader should not go ahead with a war that their HCOM and staff disagree with. It has been made clear just how important a communicating team are and that without their support an army wouldn’t be successful. Do you agree with our advisor’s advice? If you were in this position, what would your advice be?

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  1. Shad November 26, 2021 (9:47 pm)

    My advice for armies in general is to always talk to your HCOM. If they are not onboard then listen to their reasons. Look at the pros and cons for the war itself. Include your advisor in the discussion as well. If you cannot get them onboard then do not declare war. If you declare war without their approval and just ignore them then why are they HCOM in the first place? HCOM are vital members in the army. They are part of what keeps the army going. Don’t ignore your HCOM.

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