My Controversial Opinion: “Every Army is Corrupt, Including Mine”

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In the first edition of our exciting new ‘My Controversial Opinion’ column, we hear from an army leader as divisive as the title suggests.

“Every army is corrupt in someway, even mine to an extent… every army has their secrets.”

Xing, Templars Creator

Templars creator and leader, Xing, is no stranger from controversy or sharing his opinions within the army community. His latest opinion, however, is a bold statement that is certain to turn a few heads. To find out more on what he meant, I quizzed him for examples of different armies he believes to be corrupt:

“For example, people regard RPF as corrupt because they hold a monopoly over the map and CPAN and swaying their favor within that community. RPF has always been the power-hungry army, just not the one under Elmikey, which was more benevolent compared to RPF regimes ran by Popsiclebeak, Chip, Toysoldier or the current administration.”

The word “corrupt” is relatively ambiguous, but can be defined as “having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for personal gain”. Do you agree with Xing’s thoughts on the Rebel Penguin Federation, past and present, in relation to this? To find out more, I pushed for further examples of armies within the community:

“With regards to the Western Bloc Armies, they’re just cannon fodder for the BIA. The BIA couldn’t care less about SE, SWAT, and WV. They know those armies are going to go under after this war. SWAT and SE have been tanking since Project Conquest. Correction, SWAT even longer.”

Not only does Xing insinuate the Western Bloc armies as corrupt, he also labels them as “cannon fodder” for the Black Ice Alliance. His original statement most interestingly labelled his own army, the Templars, as corrupt “to an extent”. I wanted to understand exactly what he meant by this:

“As for Templars, sometimes people leave with regards as to me being a bit strict with work ethic and how they carry the army around here. I like to keep everything in good order and sometimes people will like to complain and get themselves banned (ex. Magma Clan).”

The idea that certain armies within the community are “corrupt” is not new, with this being a term that has been thrown around for many years. But is there any truth to Xing’s controversial opinion… do you believe every army is corrupt? And if so, are some more corrupt than others?

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