An Filleadh: Celts Return To The Army Community

NORTH POLE, Historic Celts Capital – In this dormant era where the community is stagnant save for a few wars, a historic army has returned. Who are the Celts, and what prompted their return?

The Celts of Club Penguin were created on June 13th, 2014 by Earthing and Bandage23. Within four days of their creation, they were able to secure placements on the S/M Top Tens; scratching the army community at the time. During their first generation, they gained a reputation for their AUSIA division, while engaging in war with the Flame Bandits and Lime Green Army. Unfortunately this generation closed their doors on August 14th of the same year. Although there was a revival attempt in May 2020, an event was not held to mark the beginning of the second generation.

The Celts in 2014, during an invasion.

Now, the army opened its doors again for the HTML5 era of Club Penguin Armies. The newest generation, led by Cosmic Viper (or Ronaldo Vargas) and Glitter held their revival event on October 30th, 2021 and were able to amass five troops. Moreover, on November 10th, they were verified as an army under Club Penguin Army Network.

A screenshot from the 2021 Celts Revival Event.

Club Penguin Army Network sat down with Cosmic Viper to talk about the Celts, and why he chose to revive them despite the army being closed for several years now.

Why did you choose to revive the Celts?

I revived them cause I hate how people look down on me and I found out that the Celts were a pretty amazing army and I researched about them and I liked them so I found my chance!

What are your future plans for the Celts?

I hope to max around 15-25.

Do you think Celts can become an S/M powerhouse again?

Probably not but there is a possibility.

Do you have anything further to add?

Strike Swiftly!

It seems like Cosmic wishes to use the return of this historic army as an opportunity to repair his reputation. Club Penguin Army Network wish Cosmic and the Celts a long and successful generation.

What do YOU think? Will the Celts regain their reputation as an S/M powerhouse? Let us know in the CPAN Discord Server!


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