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Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital- The army community is such an innovative place. Every month, you get to see more and more new things surfacing in this place, either for the better or for the worse. On November 6th, the Ice Warriors carried out one of the most innovative events this community has seen. Read on to find out more about the Ice Warriors’ event that donated as much money as their max to the #teamseas movement.

The #teamseas project began as a follow up to the Team Trees project that had successfully raised 20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees. The project was kicked off on October 29th, 2021 via a mass release on various social media platforms. YouTubers Mr Beast and Mark Rober are two of the popular leaders of this project. As of the moment of writing this post, they are close to removing 14 million pounds of trash from the beaches and the sea. Their ultimate goal is to remove 30 million pounds of trash by January 2022. This astounding goal is actually made possible with the help of the donators that several YouTubers have attracted to this campaign.

Team Seas collaborates with environmental giants Ocean Conservancy and Ocean Cleanup to help them carry out their goal. Their cutting edge technology includes a robot that automatically cleans the hazardous waste out of rivers. More information about the project can be found here.

Ocean Cleanup’s Interceptor Robot – the bot that is eating trash from the water bodies!

On November 6th, the Ice Warriors announced that they will be hosting an event to raise awareness about the #teamseas event. The goal of the event was to inspire their members to donate money to the ongoing project. The event quickly gained popularity, with several members making meaningful donations of money to #teamseas. Third in Command Crazyflame also promised to donate 1 dollar for every troop that attended their awareness event. The event went on to max 43, and Crazyflame and Ice Warriors leader Dr Queen together donated that many dollars to the project! Moreover, the blue army also changed its army theme to #teamseas throughout the week to keep encouraging its members to donate. The Warriors also released a post with more details about their event, featuring interviews with the donators regarding what motivated them to donate.

To find out more about this inspiring move from the Ice Warriors, CP Army Network decided to interview Ice Warriors Leader Dr Queen. Here is the statement that she provided:

The idea came from our advisor, LawCorazon, as she was telling us about the cause and the IW leaders (DrQueen, IceQueen and Kally) decided it would be something cool to raise awareness about given we are penguins and just do something different. We only intended to make it an awareness event first and did not expect anyone to donate, however, the night before our Trusted Staff, Crazyflame wanted to donate $1 on behalf of every troop that logged on, and everyone began to pitch in money after the event, including IW Staff and members so it was cool to see everyone pitch in for the cause

For this project, I think we did pretty successful in raising almost $80 bucks and everyone donating it on the behalf of IW, we haven’t been promoting it as much since after the event concluded however, we have a #TeamSeas picture as our discord banner to remind them about the cause, so if troops/staff at any time wanna go ahead and donate, they are welcomed too! I dont think we will revisit the #TeamSeas awareness again in the future, however, many troops/staff have requested more events like these. So we may switch to another fresh theme to raise awareness that means a lot to our troops or that is close to IW!

This occurrence showed everyone that no matter what we’re doing in life, we can always take it one step ahead. The Ice Warriors have certainly won the hearts of many people in the community with this charitable event. It would be amazing to see more members of this community, not just the Ice Warriors members, donate money to projects like these which actually get things and help our environment.

What do YOU think? Will your army join the Ice Warriors in supporting this project? Will you donate to the movement? Is there any other such project that you would love to see the armies contributing to? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord server!


CP Army Network Reporter-Trainee

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