Waddling to Make a Difference: IW Engages in Philanthropic Efforts

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – In a world where this community is gauged amongst many things including wars, tournaments, and constant engagements of words, one army in this community has decided to put these things aside and truly work for something bigger than themselves.

This past week, the Ice Warriors took part in what they coined as a #TeamSeas Awareness Event, which served as an effort to make a difference in the world. During the week they had several themed events in which several members donated to the charity Team Seas, in an attempt to help them reach their goal of removing trash from the world’s oceans. Information about this charity that the Warriors donated to can be found here.

Throughout the week several members of the Warrior Staff and High Command Team, as well as their leaders, made donations toward the charity for their cause. One member of their High Command, Crazflame said that he would donate $1 for every troop that was in attendance at one of their events for the week. At this event, the warriors were able to achieve an astounding max of 43 troops. In turn, Crazyflame donated half of the max while leader DrQueen fronted the other half.

To learn more about where this idea came from, we were graciously able to get a statement from Ice Warrior Leader, DrQueen.

There’s this campaign going around right now called #TeamSeas, its an environmental initiative with a goal of raising $30 million to remove 30 million pounds of trash from oceans, rivers, and beaches worldwide. Our current Advisor, LawCorazon was talking about it with the leaders and we leaders (DrQueen, IceQueen & Kally) believed it would be a cool idea to host some type of awareness event behind that. We planned to just spread the awareness and educate our members about keeping the oceans clean because, wink wink, we are penguins so we want to make sure of course the penguins are safe and so as all our sea animals friends! However, Trusted Staff, Crazyflame did an amazing deed and said during the event he would donate $1 for every penguin who logged on towards the cause. Thus, just by logging our IW troops were contributing to the cause. A total of 43 penguins logged on and so many staff and troops were so passionate about the cause, they were honestly hyping the chat to get people to log on like it was some major tournament LOL. SO Crazyflame donated half and I, DrQueen covered the rest plus donated extra money on the behalf of the IW staff team, so did Lawcorzon. That led to other staff members wanting to donate like some did $1 for every 10 troops who logs on. At the end of the event, with myself, Law, Crazyflame, Penguin & TheNathanboy’s contributions, we were able to donate around $80 around that cause on the behalf of IW :JumpyQueen:
While there is a massive war ongoing at the moment, it is a pleasant surprise to see that one army is trying to make a difference. For that, we would like to applaud the Ice Warriors for their efforts in making a difference in the world while behind a screen engaging in battles on a child’s game. This is truly something that has not been seen in a long time and should be recognized as an act of not only kindness but an act of philanthropy.

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