Who is ACTUALLY winning the Western Bloc vs. Vengeance Alliance war?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The great alliance war between the Western Bloc and Vengeance Alliance is currently the hot topic of debate, with countless invasions and defences throughout the past few weeks. But who is actually winning?

The Western Bloc vs. Vengeance Alliance war has been raging on for several weeks now, and is the largest conflict since April 2020’s World War Rewritten. Despite the large numbers of battles taking place, the war is showing no sign of slowing down with many in the community unsure who is actually winning.

According to the war score, the Vengeance Alliance claim that so far they have won 12 battles, tied 1 and lost 2. The Western Bloc contest this and state they do not know the exact war score. The battles have also suffered from judging issues, as the required 3 judges for CP Army Network invasions to go ahead have not been met. This has caused several of the invasions to become invalid, only adding to the heated nature of the conflict.

So, with this thought in mind, I spoke with the 8 leaders currently embroiled in this war to ask them what they thought of the battles so far, who is actually winning, and what they believed was still to come.

Barnito, Help Force Leader

What we see right now could basically be a result of a chain reaction that happened between the armies. Every year we probably need to expect something really very interesting and this year it’s this Silver Rush War. The Vengeance of course will win, with all the armies in the VA having the upper hand with regard to the number of battle victories. There’s still plenty of fight left as this is no time to die.

Electrum, Silver Empire Leader

I think it’s quite embarrassing for HF to have felt threatened enough by a small/medium army to gather another major army and various other smaller armies to help them fight against us. This whole war started because SE wanted to stand up for themselves and defend their land on their own terms. When VA was formed, it showed Ayan basically had to fix Vedant and Nell’s mistake of invading an army without terms set in place. WB isn’t a war alliance, we just decided to band together further since HF couldn’t face us without 5 other armies apparently. In the grand scheme of things, I believe WB is winning this war. The whole point of starting this war was to show SE won’t be so easily pushed around. Even if the WB side ends up losing via scores, we have definitely won by showing we wont sink to their level of pettiness, nor give up without a fight. The war still hasn’t lost its momentum I believe. I’m sure there are several more weeks to come and lots more interesting battles to see. Regardless on who wins in the end, it’s been a fun war and I think WB will continue to show what a force we are.

Aaronstone, Water Vikings Leader

It’s been a good war so far most battles have been pretty close which makes it more fun in my opinion. The Western Bloc are of course winning. I think that war is gonna last longer I think both sides still have plenty of fight in them.

FatChicken88, Army of CP Leader

So far, I think the war is going quite well. The Western Bloc have tried time and time again to get the upper hand and are failing, miserably. I obviously feel like the VA is winning, that’s with personal bias. Putting that bias aside, the war score rings loud and true – still Vengeance Alliance winning. I think there are alot of battles to come, and of course there may very well be plenty of twists and turns down the road. This war has not lost any momentum on the winning side – however I’m not so sure if the Western Bloc are quite as hyped that they’re being destroyed. I also feel like the war will drag on a for a bit more. However at this rate of 100% wins to the Vengeance Alliance, the only thing slowing us is if battles are invalidated due to judges – otherwise this will end as soon as we can clean sweep the WB.

Xing, Templars Leader

The Vengeance Alliance is doing very well, I see them winning. The Templars are involved on the VA side of the war. I believe that this war will go a little while longer but VA will win out in the end, I’m just waiting for the board to unban us from the map.

Legoman, People’s Imperial Confederation Leader

I’m extremely impressed with the war so far. CPA was becoming more stagnant and monotonous, so this war is a much needed change of pace. It is also extremely impressive to see the Vengeance Alliance demolishing the Western Bloc 3-0-0, even when the Western Bloc has the luxury of picking the time zone we battle in. I firmly believe that the Vengeance Alliance is currently winning and will continue that streak for the duration of this conflict. I believe this war will last far too long due to the massive egos within this community that would rather be demolished than surrender while they have the chance. I know it seems trivial for myself to speak on the subject of egos, but it takes one to know one, and at least I’m self aware. Thus I feel that this war will be quite lengthy, though still ultimately culminating in a Vengeance Alliance victory. HOO RAH!

Mare, Special Weapons and Tactics Leader

I think that it’s really cool and interesting it’s like everyone’s killing each other with a bunch of Big World Bubbles and EP bombs. I honestly don’t know who will win, I think that both sides are doing an amazing job holding it down. Both sides are fighting back with all they got. I do think there is still a lot left to fight, I’m not sure if it’ll end soon. I know that Western Bloc will not back down, and I’m sure it’s the same for them.

BoMoBuddy, Red Ravagers Leader

Revenge is a dish best served cold. The Silver Empire is finally receiving what it has been asking for, and the Vengeance alliance won’t rest until justice has finally been delivered. Just looking at the score rather than personal opinion, the Vengeance Alliance is currently winning, and that fact isn’t looking to change any time in the near future. It’s difficult to say as we have spent such a big amount of this war simply waiting on the board. We are fighting our hardest and results are showing, so we still have plenty of fight left in us.

It is hardly unsurprising that each leader believes their army is on the winning side of the war, but it’s safe to assume the outcome they desire will not be the same for all. The question now on everyone’s lips is, how long will the war continue on for? And which side will triumph? CP Army HQ will continue to bring you the very latest.

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  1. Fulcrum23 November 5, 2021 (5:20 pm)

    I think the Vengeance Alliance will win!

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