The Eclipse of Club Penguin Announce Shutdown

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The Eclipse of Club Penguin announce a shutdown shortly after the emergence of a war and an alliance. What led to this abrupt decision and what will happen next?

The Eclipse of Club Penguin was founded by Todoro in July 2021. Despite its fairly recent creation, it has gone through several significant events. This includes the server defacement in August, the shift to a gaming server in July, and its revival this month. However, less than two weeks after the revival, Wet Army Penguins declared war on the Eclipse of Club Penguin.

On October 28th, the Eclipse of Club Penguin announced their alliance with the Templars of Club Penguin and the Trojans, among other armies, as a part of the Red Dawn Alliance. Thus, it came as a shock to many people when the army announced their shutdown. The announcement came hours after the alliance was formed. The leaders did not provide any particular reason for the shutdown in their announcement.

Todoro’s announcement regarding the shutdown

Moreover, the Red Dawn Alliance declared war on the Western Bloc alliance right after its revival. Even as the troops received the news, it remained a mystery as to exactly why the army shut down right after declaring war. To learn more about this sudden shutdown, CP Army Network decided to interview Eclipse leaders Todoro and Da Best.

What led to the shutdown of Eclipse of Club Penguin?

Todoro: The leaders of ECP thought it was best to shut it down, so that we can let it rest for now.

Da Best: There was a lot of inner issues with the leaders that mainly started around the time we got into the war with WAP where we weren’t agreeing on the same things and I started to lose interest in CPA to play other games.

How will this shutdown affect your plans for the war with WAP and your alliance with TCP and Trojans?

Todoro: For the war with wap, we have talked with the leader and have made it a draw along with a treaty as well. As for our allies, We were happy that they were our allies, and would like to thank them for their help that they have done. Hopefully, we will see them around for our 3rd generation in the future.

Da Best: I have gotten HCOM in Trojans where I will go for a little bit before I plan to leave all armies to be neutral. The war with WAP will just be something you all have to wait and see as I am unsatisfied with the results.

Do you think the Eclipse of Club Penguin will be revived in the future?

Todoro: There’s a possibility that it will be revived in the future. But for now, we would like for it to rest.

Da Best: It might get revived in the future once all these wars end.

Do you have any anything else to add for the community?

Todoro: Just wanna say, a huge thanks to all my friends who supported me through all of it. Thank you to our allies for helping us out as well. Lastly big thank you to my co leaders who helped me lead Ecp on where it gotten today, couldn’t have done without all of you guys. As always, ECP FTW! <3

The members of Eclipse experience what could be their last moments with the army. Meanwhile, Da Best moves on to his new role as a HCOM member with the Trojans. It is hard to predict how this shutdown will impact the future of armies. Only one thing is for certain, we will keep waddling on.

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