ACP Legend Sidie9 Announces Surprise Withdrawal From Army of CP: “I’m very proud of how things turned out”

MAMMOTH, Army of CP Empire – Just two months after she shocked the community by rejoining the Army of Club Penguin, former leader and legend Sidie9 has announced her withdrawal from the higher command in a surprise announcement.

The Army of Club Penguin is currently in the midst of a brutal alliance war, and together with their allies in the Vengeance Alliance have been in heated battles against the Western Bloc. But as the war continues to rage on, former ACP leader and legend Sidie9 has stepped down from her position of General within the ACP Higher Command.

At 12:42pm EST yesterday, Sidie broke the news of her departure in a short statement in the ACP Discord’s announcements channel. She shared that she had only intended to serve for two weeks in order to aid the new leadership, but decided to stick around for a total of two months as she was still needed, admitting this wasn’t a problem at all. Her statement also ambiguously referred to “many [people] being extremely happy that she is finally retiring.” Exactly what she was referring to here was not made clear.

Sidie9 announces her departure from the Army of CP. Click to enlarge.

The CP Army Headquarters team managed to catch up with Sidie earlier today, to find out more regarding the reasons behind her withdrawal, and to uncover any future plans.

How have you found the past two months? Was it challenging following the mass departure of former HCOM and leaders?

I’d say it definitely was a challenge to begin with. We basically had to rebuild the AUSIA division and the army’s administration from the ground up, but over time things began to recover and I’m very proud of how it all turned out. Out of my recent tenure in ACP my most memorable moments would have to be the AUSIA battles in the Templars war. TCP thought they could take advantage of a broken ACP and instead of backing down we stood tall. Those events and how we conducted ourselves are things I’ll be very proud of for a long time.

You mentioned in your statement that “many will be extremely happy that you’re finally retiring” – could you please elaborate what you meant by this?

Haha I didn’t mean that comment too literally, but I became inactive as of the past couple weeks and I was honestly taking up space from the upcoming generation. With that said though, a couple people in PIC have been waiting for me to be freed up again!

What is next for Sidie9?! You currently hold positions in the CP Army HQ administration and People’s Imperial Confederation as the First Secretary – where will your focus and involvement go next? Anything you can tease for us and our readers?

CP Army Headquarters has always been a priority of mine and will remain as such for as long as I am able to. As for PIC, with the biggest war in the army’s history underway who knows what is in store! Perhaps a more active role for me is in order.

It is clear that Sidie intends to focus on her duties here at the CP Army HQ, but has also teased a more active role the People’s Imperial Confederation, who are currently at war with their allies in the Vengeance Alliance. Our sources have exclusively informed us more news regarding this tease could be due very soon.

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