The Wave Strikes Back: Water Vikings Declare War on Help Force

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Amid a month with lots of conflicts, the Water Vikings declare war on Help Force. What exactly led to this decision?

The Water Vikings were created on December 28th, 2010 by Zakster and Jed Pen. Currently, the Water Vikings are led by Aaronstone, Revan, Fedd76, and Mistymoonlake. Consistently climbing up the weekly Top Tens and conquering land, the Vikings prove to be a prominent force. Most recently, the Water Vikings claimed victory during the eleventh Champions Cup, as they won the finals.

The Water Vikings participating in the Champions Cup finals.

The Help Force was created on March 11th, 2018 by Ayan, and is currently led by Ayan, Barnito, Elpiojo123, and Nell. Help Force is considered a Major army in the community, achieving spots near the top of the weekly Top Ten armies list. The army has a history of putting up dominating performances in tournaments, as they recently made the Legends Cup XI finals.

Help Force invading Silver Empire territory.

On October 25th, the Water Vikings declared war on the Help Force. The Vikings recently aided the Silver Empire as part of the Western Bloc Alliance, in their war against Help Force, by attending their invasions. Following the alliance’s involvement, the Water Vikings officially decided to take a step forward and partake in this war. Water Vikings leadership published a statement regarding the declaration.

The war terms the Water Vikings imposed.

Club Penguin Army Network reached out to both parties for their thoughts on the war declaration. Help Force declined to put out a statement, while Water Vikings have not provided a reply yet.

Despite the lack of statements, we can conclude that this war will be filled with action, due to both armies being quite prominent in the community. Club Penguin Army Network will keep you updated on any developments.

Who do YOU believe will be victorious in this war? What are YOUR overall thoughts on this war? Let us know what you think in the CP Army Network Discord!


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