A Shock Revival sees Templars Declare War on SWAT

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – With the community currently already split up into multiple wars, the Templars have once again decided to get involved. Today, they announced a declaration of war against the Special Weapons and Tactics. What was the reason for this declaration, merely 4 months since the last conflict between these two armies?

Previously, on the 6th July of this year, the Special Weapons and Tactics announced a declaration of war on the Templars. The war occurred due to allegations regarding the Templar’s leader Xing, who was accused of harassing and provoking members of SWAT. Both sides attended 10 days of constant battling, with the war eventually concluding after SWAT were announced as the victors

Templars and SWAT during the war, July 2021

Earlier today, the Templar’s leader Xing released a post titled ‘The Red Dawn’, announcing the shock return of the Red Dawn Alliance. The Red Dawn Alliance was created in July 2018, with armies such as the Templars, Pizza Federation, Club Penguin Socialist Movement and the Elite Guardians  among the original members. The alliance was known for its involvement in World War VII, where they successfully fought against the Rebel Penguin Federation. They then shut down in December 2018, and have not been revived since. 

Red Dawn Alliance back in 2018.

However, 3 years after the closure, Xing announced that the Templars would be reviving the Red Dawn Alliance with the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Trojans. Alongside the revival announcement, a declaration of war against SWAT was also made. Xing described the the ‘Western Bloc Alliance as backstabbing, hypocrites and incompetence’, stating this is why they decided to declare war. He then went on to announce that any army within or associated to the alliance, has now become an enemy of the Templars and the RDA. In a screenshot from the Templar’s declaration post, the terms of war are listed: 

The Terms of War

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Xing of the Templars, and Mare of the Special Weapons and Tactics, for an update on the current situation:

Xing: The Empire has decided that the best option, out of all the options we were considering, SWAT is the perfect war target. Seeing as how they tried their best to run away from wars in the past and used underhanded tactics against us in our most previous war against them, I’ve decided to declare war upon SWAT as a act of support for HF’s side of the conflict. Seeing as how the Western Bloc Alliance, internally, are extremely toxic as outlined in my post, they deserve the full might of the Templar Empire and whatever it has to offer. I’ve known for sometime, that the High Council of Vikings has repeatedly used SE and made extremely graphic and somewhat perverted comments towards individuals in SE. My source is from one of the SE higher ups I’ve known for some time at this point.

Now, moving onto SWAT, we’ve also known for a long time that they may or may not have been linked to the downfall of CPAH. They were previously or probably still associated with those doxxers and hackers that took out CPAH long ago as well as many other army leaders such as the ones in both SE and WV. On the other hand, we’ve come to know that SWAT, especially their leaders, Kaliee and Mare have used low-blow tactics in our last war in their best attempts to end the war as quick as possible due to the one-sided war score for Templars.

Going forward to SE now, SE has it’s fair share of abuses. I’ve known people, former SE people that is, that have came out with unsurprising stories of SE being abusive to their staff and troops. Also, when we were approached by certain SE higher ups, we were told that we’d be given more benefits and more troops and whatnot. I knew this was a sham and was not meant to last. I would never ever again stoop so low to side with degenerate who make this community an even worse place to be in. Overall, the Empire’s choice is clear and firm. We do not respect degeneracy and will exterminate it one way or another.

Mare: We got a number one Victory Penguin Royale Yeah,
SWATRulers, we ’bout to get down
One Hundred penguins online Ascent right now
Just wiped out TCP in town
My friend just lagged out
I told him to refresh his google chrome tab right now, ok now all the swat rulers are online sweet
Now we’re taking down Xing’s multilogs weeeeeee!


The Templars are determined not to stand by idly and are ready fight the abuse within the community. Currently, SWAT has not written any kind of response to the declaration on their website or server. However, the Templars have shown just how prepared they are, having already announced the first two invasions of the war, with the first set for the 28th October. 




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