Df44 Inducted As The Newest Silver Commander

TOBOGGAN, Silver Empire Capital – Just a few days ago, the Silver Empire welcomed a new Silver Commander to the leadership team, Df44! What led to this decision?

The Silver Empire was first created on April, 2020 by Zach and Jimmy. They started to rise to prominence from an early stage, even climbing up the weekly top tens. Nowadays, the army is able to consistently reach sizes of 20+. Additionally, the Empire is quite active in the army map, securing one of the highest positions in the leaderboard. Moreover, the army recently declared war on the Help Force, which led to many invasions, with no plans to stop just yet.

SE invading HF territory.

Df44 has been around the army community since 2020. He enlisted in the Water Vikings at first and climbed up the ranks all the way to Third in Command. Subsequently, he went on to revive the Smart Penguins as a Commander in Chief. Because of the closure of the Smart Penguins, he joined the Silver Empire as a Second in Command. A month later, Df44 was inducted as Silver Commander. According to an official statement by Electrumm, Df44 is dedicated to his army, along with being a great role model. As a result, he earned the title of Silver Empire’s sixth Silver Commander.

Electrumm’s statement regarding Df44’s induction as Silver Commander.

To learn more about his plans for Silver Empire, Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Df44 for an interview regarding the announcement.

How did you feel when hearing about your promotion? 

When I realised I had been promoted I was happy and it definitely felt good. Although it’s not my first time leading an army it is definitely a new and good experience to lead the Silver Empire.

Any future plans or goals you aim to accomplish for the army?

Silver Empire has already accomplished a lot, from obtaining a major army status in less than one year to winning important battles in tournaments but there’s always a lot more to accomplish. During my time in leadership I’d like to help SE regaining the major army status and to help maintaining the fun environment we always have in the server. More than an army, we are a friendly community and that’s the best part of being there. To help me accomplish it I have an amazing co-leader and an incredible, united, and hardworking staff team.

How do you think the Silver Empire will run under your leadership?

Honestly me and Amber share a lot of common thoughts on how to run SE, so you can expect our joint leadership to not implement any drastic changes but to keep improving all the work we have already done. My last experience leading an army, the Smart Penguins, was very successful and I am of course bringing the knowledge I got there to help me here as well.

Anything else you would like to add?

Not much, just that some people shouldn’t take all of this way too seriously. The most important thing in CPA is to have fun.
Thank you for the interview, Cloudy. Silver Empire, Best Empire.

We can see that Df44 is motivated to take on this new role, and is excited to bring the army to new heights. We would like to congratulate him on his recent big promotion. Club Penguin Army Network will keep you up to date with any future developments.

What do YOU think about Df44’s recent promotion? How will his leadership change affect the Silver Empire? Be sure to leave YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord’s general chat!


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