Champions Cup VI Predictions Week 2

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- The first week of the Champions Cup has now come to an end, and with that it is now time to focus on week two. In week one, we saw our staff members each correctly predict the winners. Let’s see if they can get it correct again this week, as we take a look at their predictions for week two. 

People’s Imperial Confederation vs Red Ravagers

For the first battle of week two, we will see the People’s Imperial Confederation go up against the Red Ravagers. People’s Imperial Confederation came 10th on the Top Ten this week and maxed 11 in their week one battle. Their opponents, the Red Ravagers placed 9th in the Top Ten this week. However, they have not had a battle yet in the Champions Cup. 

KingFunks: Site Manager- People’s Imperial Confederation (2-1)

Sidie: Vice Director- People’s Imperial Confederation (2-1)

Rach: Column Manager- People’s Imperial Confederation (3-0)

Templars vs Silver Empire

The second battle of week two will see the Templars battle it out against the Silver Empire. The Templars were 4th on the Top Ten this week, and saw a size of 40 in week one. On the other hand, the Silver Empire were 6th on the Top Ten and had a max of 18 in week one. Aswell as this, currently the Silver Empire is now involved in a war with Help Force.

KingFunks: Site Manager- Templars (3-0)

Sidie: Vice Director- Templars (3-0)

Rach: Column ManagerTemplars (2-1)

Red Ravagers vs Water Vikings

The final battle of week two will be between the Red Ravagers and the Water Vikings. Currently the Red Ravagers are placed 9th in the Top Ten, and this will also be their second Champions Cup battle of the week. The Water Vikings landed 7th in the Top Ten, maxing 20 during their week one battle.


KingFunks: Site Manager- Water Vikings (3-0)

Sidie: Vice Director- Water Vikings (3-0)

Rach: Column Manager- Water Vikings (3-0)


As we can see, once again the staff have all predicted for the same outcome for each of the battles in week two. Do you agree with these predictions? Make sure that you keep up to date with all the Champions Cup news in our discord server! 

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