CPAHQ Statement: Help Force’s Evidence of Multilogging against Silver Empire

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Earlier today, the Help Force declared war on the Silver Empire.  Alongside the declaration, they posted evidence that multilogging occurred within their enemies, who are lead by two CPAHQ Head Judges: Amber/Electrumm and Df44.

The Evidence:

For those uninformed, the evidence and Help Forces’ explanation is shown below.  Readers can also read the original post by clicking HERE.

Df44 judged the Freeland invasion on Tuesday, July 13th, 2021.

Df44 uses the account “Penium100”.

Df44 appearing to be in control of lays1234.

Both aforementioned accounts are present. Penium100 is not in Silver Empire uniform while lays1234 is.

Penium100 changed into a Silver Empire uniform while lays1234 was still present.

Comedy/Omsk pointing out that both of Df44’s accounts were wearing the SE uniform. Df44 dismisses the concern.

Not sure how this is related to the mulitlogging accusations.

Amber/Electrumm confirming that both she and Df44 have “multilogged”. Amber/Electrumm explains that it’s [for] when they are judging a freeland battle.

You can see that df44 was judging a Silver Empire invasion, and admits to multi-logging during serving as a judge with no shame. He goes as far as to ask his fellow staff to cover it up for him—implying that the staff members were in on these malpractices. In the last screenshot Amber also says “I have to use it when I wanna help and df does it for us too,” indicating she doesn’t frown upon this malpractice and in fact encourages it. Both of them occupy Judge/Head Judge positions in CPAHQ and CPAN. This is clearly a betrayal of the trust that was placed in both of these two judges by the leagues.

-Help Force Commanders

CPAHQ Statement:

Upon being informed of the post, the administration viewed the evidence and discussed the proper course of action.  We think it is important to note two things.  Firstly, the second to last screenshot included does not seem to be related to multilogging, rather just an army sending reinforcements to another.  Secondly, the only instance that is currently 100% confirmed is the free land invasion on July 13th, though the last screenshot shows Amber stating that the situation has been practiced before.  It is unknown however, which other events it occurred in.

Because of the currently known evidence, the administration determined that we will not fire Df44 or Amber.  The known instances of multilogging and the two individuals judging battles while simultaneously attending them did not happen under CPAHQ.  Our administration was not able to find any instances where it took place at a CPAHQ battle, whether either of them judged it or not.  It does not seem fair to remove two individuals who are an active part of our organization when the evidence provided is something that did not effect CPAHQ, or the integrity of a battle, since the only known instance of their actions being at a free land invasion for a different organization.

Nevertheless, multilogging is a serious offense regardless of its implications.  Df44 and Amber were informed that multilogging while being employed at CPAHQ is frowned upon and that their position could be in jeopardy if such actions take place again.  This includes judging a battle and simultaneously attending the same battle.  CPAHQ will monitor this situation closely.

Statement from DMT:

When I read the post, it became apparent to me that I failed to act upon this situation when I could have earlier.  On September 21st, 2021, I received two screenshots from an individual about Df44 multilogging.  The screenshots did not come with any context.  Upon inquiry, I received a message that did not give me a lot of context.

As you can see, the screenshots sent to me are the same as screenshots five and six in the Help Force’s post, though the first one sent to me did not have any circles around penguins.  When I asked which penguin(s) belonged to Df44, I only got one name from the source.  That is where the conversation ended.

This is obviously me failing to do my due diligence and look into the claims myself.  When the person who messaged me was not able to name two penguins, I did not think anything more of it.  I meant to post it to the administration asking if anyone knew anything about it, but I forgot never did.  As the Director in Chief of this organization, it is my responsibility to look into claims brought to me and not dismiss claims that do not come fully solved.  Although there was not much substance to what I was sent, there was also not enough uncertainty to ignore it.

There is no excuse for my lack of action initially, so feel free skip this paragraph.  But it is important to me to explain why I did not act upon the claims.  This helps me be better and not make such a mistake again.  Anyway, as most probably know, I have been on leave since September 29th, 2021.  This is because I am going through a rather strenuous time in my real world life right now.  My inactivity was not exclusive to this situation.  I was not meeting many of the responsibilities that come with being Director in Chief.  I fear that part of why I dismissed this claim so easily was because I just did not feel like dealing with it.  I had this feeling with multiple other things within CPAHQ, which is what prompted me to realize I need to go on leave.  In addition to this, my preconceived notions about the source made it easier to just dismiss the claims.  I will not reveal who sent me the messages, for the sake of their privacy, but I rationalized my lack of effort because of who was sending the evidence.  This is a total failure to separate my opinions from my job, which is a must for the DiC position.

In all, I apologize for not doing my job properly.  The purpose of my current absence is to make sure I am not making the same mistake in other situations (as well as just needing less on my plate).  When the rest of the administration found out about the evidence, they were extremely quick to act, unlike yours truly.  I want to thank them for being responsible in my absence.  Hence- just to be clear- I am not returning from my on-leave period with this post.  I posted this statement because I felt that the last section could from me.  I plan on returning to CPAHQ, but I do not have a timetable for that right now. I can assure our supporters, though, that when I return; this will not happen again.  Thank you for reading.

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