Silver Empire Declares War on Help Force

TOBOGGAN, Silver Empire’s Capital  Yesterday, the Silver Empire declared war on the Help Force. What’s the reason for a second war just 6 months after their last? How did the Help Force react to this?

On 9th October, the Silver Empire leader Electrumm, made an official declaration of war against the Help Force. In an announcement, Electrumm mentioned the reasons for why the Silver Empire have decided to declare war, accusing the Help Force of committing crimes against them, with the Help Force having recently invaded one of the Silver Empire’s servers.

Silver Empire’s Declaration of War.

Neither army are strangers to meeting each other on the battlefield, with both armies having fought against each other in the Silver Rush War just a mere 6 months ago. Previously the Help Force declared war, blaming the Silver Empireof multi-logging and trash talking. The war eventually ended with with Help Force claiming victory, and until now the relations between the two have been neutral.

Battle from the Silver Rush War in April 2021.

Currently, the Silver Empire places 4 spots below the Help Force on the top ten, with a 20 point difference. However, the Silver Empire have taken this into an account and have allowed the use of allies during this war. In the screenshot from the Silver Empire declaration post, the terms of war are listed:

The Terms of war

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Electrumm of the Silver Empire and Vedant of the Help Force, who declined to answer, for an update on the current situation:

Electrumm: I’m sure the war declaration came as a surprise to some, but it became the logical step after contacting Vedant about a possible truce only to be aired. They think they can push around those smaller than them, but we will stand up for what’s right and show them we are the true force to be reckoned with. We are simply just standing up for ourselves on our own terms.

The Silver Empire are not only determined to defend what is theirs, but want to make a stand against being pushed around because of their smaller sizes. They also stated that they want a none-aggression pact, with no interest of further conflict. However, currently the Help Force has not responded to the Silver Empire’s declaration or treaty request. With the the war still set to go underway on October 11th, with the first invasion, it is clear that the Help Force won’t back down easily due to the fact that they have already announced their defense.


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  1. Fulcrum23 October 10, 2021 (11:57 pm)

    Help Force is so stupid. They need to accept these terms and deal with it

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