Templars Declare War on Army of Club Penguin

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – Just mere hours ago, the Templars have declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. What’s the intent of this war? What’s the reason for a fourth conflict?

Both armies are no strangers to war. The Army of Club Penguin have fought in countless conflicts within their long line of history. They’ve faced off with armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation and Doritos. The Templars aren’t any different. Just recently, they attempted to go to war with the Ice Warriors but saw refusal to attend from the icy troops.

On September 25th, the Templar’s leader, Xing, announced a declaration of war against the Army of Club Penguin. No valid reasons were stated within his declaration, however, the main reason for this war seems to be hate. The first invasion is set to take place on Tuesday, September 28th.

Templars Declaration of War

To some surprise, this is the fourth time these two armies have clashed. Three previous wars have come before this one, all with the Army of Club Penguin declaring, and winning, the war. The most recent of these wars was actually a year ago, taking place in August 2020.

Army of CP Invasion of Walrus 2020

The CP Army HQ reached out to both parties for a statement regarding the declaration of war.

FatChicken88 gave the following statement:

Well the declaration wasn’t a surprise, even though it’s only reason is being unhappy about losing the past three wars with ACP, and now thinking attacking us during the September drop will be successful. But all I have to say is: If the Templars think that this “revenge” for their old losses is gonna end in a TCP victory, then they should know that they’re wrong.

Xing had the following to say:

Templar Bank and Templar North Station aren’t real servers

The Army of Club Penguin seems confident about the future of the war, while the Templars currently mock and joke about non-existent servers. The fourth iteration of the Templars-Army of Club Penguin war is set to go underway on September 28th. Who’ll be victorious in the end?

What do YOU think? Who’ll win the first battle? Who’ll be victorious at the end of the war? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!

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