Slithered Away; Sea Serpents Announce Their Closure

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Recently this week, the Sea Serpents announced their departure from the army community. What led to this shutdown?

The Sea Serpents are an S/M army created on the 31st of May 2021 by MythAlma, and Darci45. While they are a rather new army, they’ve marked a great aspect as they grow stronger maxing an average of 5 to 10 each event, even declaring war on the Medieval Warriors with a successful outcome. They were one of the few small armies to stand out, on constant server invasions and conquering land. Their surprising shutdown follows their recent leadership changes, with Myth retiring and the recent induction of Real joining leadership.

Sea Serpents Opening Event in May 2021

On September 2nd, 2021, Darci announced the shutdown of the Sea Serpents after the conclusion of the leadership, which can be found here. There wasn’t an explanation for why they came to that conclusion, but they gave out an epilogue of their generation and some shoutouts containing their allies and brother allies.

Darci announcing the end of the Sea Serpents generation.

To end the confusion of the community, I managed to message the latest Sea Serpents leader Real for a short interview about their closure!

What led to the shutdown of Sea Serpents?

Real: All the leaders became busy with school or work and there wasn’t any activity shown by staff.

Do you think Sea Serpents will come back anytime soon?

Real: School and work are a really long period in this part of the year, so I don’t think so.

How do you think the next generation will turn out?

Real: If there will be a next generation of Sea serpents then there has to be a leader that can lead an army carefully. I think it would turn out better!

Do you have any plans for what comes next in Sea Serpents?

Real: I don’t.

What was your favorite memory from this generation?

Real: Leading with Darci and Apple.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Real: Candice, potatoes, we do a lil trolling, your mom

From what it looks like, Sea Serpents don’t have any plans to revive back soon, as all leaders and staff are busy. Though it is safe to say we can expect a strong second generation from them if they ever return in the future! What will be the future of the Sea Serpents? The CP Army Network will update you on any new updates regarding any future generations.

What do YOU think? Will Sea Serpents revive anytime soon? Or is this gonna be their last generation? Let us known YOUR thoughts in the CPAN discord server general chat!


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