Wintry Crusade; Templars Declare War On the Ice Warriors

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – In a shocking turn of events, the Templars have officially declared war upon the Ice Warriors. What led to this sudden war declaration?

On September 4th of 2021, Templars declared war on their ex ally Ice Warriors. In the post labeled The Great Crusade, the Templars gave no reasoning on their declaration of war and listed their terms of war in the post here. This conflict occurred right after their practice battle, in which Templars declared victory in all rooms. Ice Warriors have made a response post to the Templars declaration here, explaining that they won’t participate in the war unless battles are hosted in CP Army Network. 

Templars set war terms.

Both Templars & Ice Warriors are phenomenal major armies who have, throughout the past few years, achieved huge sizes, competed in major tournaments, and showed their indestructible stand within the major community. In the latest Top Ten, the Templars ranked number third while the Ice Warriors ranked number one. The two armies were allies up until a few months ago when the Templars broke the alliance.

Ice Warriors vs. Templars Practice Battle

To find out more about this sudden declaration, the CP Army Network reached out to both armies for more insight on this war. However, the Ice Warriors declined to comment, but we were able to receive a response from Xing, leader of the Templars.

What led to the declaration of the war?

Xing: F*ck the hierarchy, it’s time they go down.

How do you think this war is gonna turn out?

Xing: Amazing, we hate them all.

How do you think Templars will perform in this war?

Xing: All their leaders are weak compared to my leaders and myself.

Anything else you want to add?

Xing: Kill.

Both sides are ready for what this war upholds and to secure a victory for their army. How will this war declaration affect the Ice Warriors? The Club Penguin Army Network will inform on any new updates for this war as it continues.

What do YOU think? Which army YOU think will emerge victorious? Make sure to leave your thoughts on the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server.


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