The Knights strike again – Are they walking on thin ice?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After having won a practice battle against the Ice Warriors, the Templars have decided to declare war against them. What was the reason behind taking such a decision?

In a shocking turn of events, and after what could be considered a ‘peaceful’ practice battle between two allied armies – on the 4th of September, the Templars declared war on their former allies, the Ice Warriors in an official post on their website, titled “The Great Crusade”. The Ice Warriors too did not hold back and responded to this war declaration through a post on their official website, which can be found HERE. In the response post, the Ice Warriors mentioned that the war seemed unnecessary to them and that if the Templars wanted to invade their land, they were free to do so once they were allowed back on the map.

Ice Warriors’ response to the war declared on them by Templars

The Ice Warriors was founded in June 2007, by Iceyfeet1234. By December 26th 2007, the Dark Warriors merged into the Ice Warriors, after getting an approval from Ambrosha, who had been leading the Dark Warriors back. In their 14 years of existence, the Ice Warriors have maxed impressive sizes, and fought many wars over the years. They have consistently been one of the largest armies in the community, and have also secured 1st place in Top Tens numerous times. They were one of the first Club Penguin armies to have been formed, and are to this day, one of the most successful and legendary armies to exist.

The Templars, also known as TCP for short, was created on April 4th, 2018, by Xing. The army has faced numerous defacements since then but despite that, has been one of the strongest major armies of the CPPS era. The army has spawned fourteen legends, a major legend, and an S/M legend, and has become well-known for taking inspiration from the real-life Roman and Byzantine Empires. The Templars are also known for maxing impressive sizes, and despite, being a fairly new army, they too have been part of many wars that the army community consider to be legendary.

On the 1st of September, just 3 days before the declaration of war, the Templars and the Ice Warriors engaged in a practice battle in which the Templars had won. The Templars stated their victory against their then-allies through a post titled, “The Ice Has Melted: Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors” which can be found HERE.

Practice battle between the Templars and the Ice Warriors on the 1st of September

CPAHQ reached out to Xing from the Templars, to learn more about this declaration of war.

Xing: It was a do or die for us. We had the opportunity in our hands. Now we’ve gotten word of them ignoring it but it doesn’t matter. Not at all does it matter. They’ve shown the community that they’re running from a smaller army and hiding behind news organizations. They will use the classic “toxic templars” tactics in their posts, and that is not all. But who cares? 200+ toxic templar posts later and it’s done nothing. We’ve included the terms “no allies” and “no dual enlists.” But they need others to help them. Their leaders are incapable of taking control of their own army sometimes, which should explain our 3-0 victory against them 3 days ago on Wednesday. They can try and humiliate us all they want but it won’t work. It’s never worked. Infact, them trying to come at us and trying to insult us only makes us think that they’re on their last legs. Not only does it make us think that, it makes us more eager to go after them. Also, the staff have come up with a word for this war. It’s, “Kill.”

As one can see from what Xing said, it seems that the Templars always held some kind of a grudge against the Ice Warriors, despite both the armies being allies before. With another war being declared, it definitely will be interesting to see how this turns out. We wish both armies good luck in all their future endeavors.

What do YOU think? How will this war turn out? Will the two armies ever be allies again in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below, or in our discord server!


CP Army Headquarters – Reporter

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  1. Nicky September 7, 2021 (9:41 pm)

    iw will lose

  2. xing September 8, 2021 (10:42 pm)

    i kid you not, i think the title was changed, lol

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