Man vs. Self: People’s Imperial Confederation Declares War Against Legoman Army

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – Amidst ongoing war efforts against the Post Malone Army and the Golden Troops, the People’s Imperial Confederation, in a surprising turn of events, launches a new conquest against their own leader Legoman’s creation, the Legoman Army HOO RAH. What led to this unexpected war declaration?

The People’s Imperial Confederation first inaugurated on October 17th, 2019, under the leadership of Sidie9 and Proditor. Initially wanting to be a revival of the People’s Republic Army, the PIC came into existence after permissions to reopen was not granted. Partaking in war in November 2019 against the Army of Club Penguin, the People’s Imperial Confederation closed their doors soon afterwards.

In March 2020, the PIC would reopen under NotManuGinobili‘s leadership. This generation would once again see conflict with the Army of Club Penguin in the war dubbed World War Rewritten in April, and subsequent conflict with her former allies, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin in May, due to an array of allegations against the PIC. Despite multiple conflicts early on, the People’s Imperial Confederation would continue striving onwards, becoming finalists in in Club Penguin Armies Media‘s 2020 Challengers Cup in May, narrowly losing to the Pizza Federation.

PIC vs. PZF – Challengers Cup (2020) Finals

On August 17th 2020, their second generation would close their doors, merging to form the Tamales.

The current generation of the PIC returned under the leadership of Sidie9, Emma and SupremeP0wer in January 2021, a time in which many armies were struggling to adapt in the post-flash era. The PIC would quickly establish themselves as consistent contenders of the Top Ten, reaching 8th on CPAHQ’s Top 10 just a week after reopening.

CPAHQ’s Project: Conquest would exacerbate existing tensions between the PIC and their once allies the Golden Troops, leading to the termination of their alliance and a declaration of war against GT leader TheMightyA’s second army, the Post Malone Army on June 30th, 2021 amid ongoing war efforts of their allies the Smart Penguins against the Golden Troops.

PIC invades Post Malone Army

On August 19th 2021, the People’s Imperial Confederation would declare war against the Golden Troops amid their ongoing invasions against the PMA, stating the following:

The Golden Troops are now set to invade the Post Malone Army, in hopes of salvaging any remaining piece of their futile empire. In response to these heinous acts of cowardice, the People’s Imperial Confederation shall hereby enter a state of WAR with the Golden Troops army.

Believing that the Golden Troops were invading the PMA to “salvage” the PMA land, and thus hoping to intervene, the PIC thus began their war against the GT.

This would only come two days before their final battle in CPAHQ’s Challenger Cup II against the Fire Warriors, which ultimately resulted in a FW victory.

PIC vs. FW – Challengers Cup II Finals

On August 24th 2021, the PIC would declare war on their colony, the Sidie Rangers. This conflict was, however, short-lived, after the Sidie Rangers lost all their land to the Secret Service as part of administrative ruling.

On September 2nd, 2021, the Sea Serpents would announce their closure, transferring their land to both the Water Vikings and the Legoman Army HOO RAH!.

A little less than 3 hours later, the PIC would, amid the ongoing war efforts with the Post Malone Army and the Golden Troops, declare war on the Legoman Army, stating the following:

This was is due to the heinous LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! poaching our legends and staff, by giving leader to the likes of joeyjumanji, Sidie9 and KenH3c. Also, they utilize a GoDaddy domain, and there is no scenario where that is ethically okay.

Considering close ties between the People’s Imperial Confederation and the LEGOMAN Army HOO RAH!, including PIC leader Legoman serving in the leadership ranks of both armies, and PIC creator Sidie9 currently leading the Legoman army, this declaration of war has come to a surprise to many.


In hopes to further understand the reasons behind this sudden war declaration, CPAHQ reached out to Sidie9, PIC’s First Secretary, for an interview.

Considering the Sea Serpent’s recent transfer of land to the Legoman Army, was this in any way related to PIC’s sudden declaration?

I can neither confirm nor deny such heinous allegations! The People’s Imperial Confederation is going to build a HUGE WALL around the Legoman nation. The biggest wall you have ever seen! The Legoman Army HOO RAH will pay every coin for its construction

How does this affect the current war efforts against the Post Malone Army and the Golden Troops respectively?

The war with PMA and GT will continue as planned. Both will fall in due time and this is just a detour on PIC’s road to victory.

The PIC seems to have a predilection towards declaring war on armies prominent members are associated with, from the Sidie Rangers to the LEGOMAN army. Is there any pattern we can discern from this?

CSY, cease your investigation immediately. You are getting too close to the truth. Continue to spout such conspiracies publicly and you will be silenced. Your loved ones will never know what happened to CPA Legend CSY. Consider this a formal warning.

How do you see the war(s) ending?

Complete and utter PIC victory over all three armies. PIC has been in a constant state of war for a month and 4 days now and it will continue for as long as necessary. Nothing less than domination of the enemy will be tolerated.

Do you have anything to add?

Go ahead and vote in the CPAHQ 2021 Summer Awards if you haven’t or I’ll kidnap your dog.

Destroying my file named “EVIDENCE”, and leaving the interview quickly to vote for CPAHQ’s Summer Awards here, it is apparent from the interview that Sidie9 is confident in PIC’s future success.

As two-time finalists of both CPAM’s Challengers Cup (2020) and CPAHQ’s Challengers Cup II (2021), the People’s Imperial Confederation now finds itself in the middle of war against not one, but three other members of the community. Only time will tell whether the PIC can continue their momentum in all three conflicts.

What do you think of the People Imperial Confederation’s most recent war declaration? Will the PIC reign victorious in their war efforts against all three armies – or will the tide change? Comment YOUR thoughts down below!

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