Extinguishing the Flame: Fire Warriors Announce Closure After Tournament Victory

HOT CHOCOLATE, Former Fire Warriors Capital – In a shocking turn of events, the Fire Warriors, having only just recently been crowned the victors of Challengers Cup II, announced their closure 7 months into this current generation. What was the reason behind this decision?

On August 28th 2021, the leadership of the Fire Warriors announced what would be their last event. The event, scheduled for their 14th anniversary, took place on August 30th. After the announcement of the Fire Warriors’ closure, a series of posts were released on their website, containing memories and appreciation for the army.

Picture of FW’s last event.

The Fire Warriors first inaugurated in late August 2007 by Wwe09, and, since then they have been through many generations and rebrands. Besides the founding generation, the most notable generations include the Roman Fire Warriors in 2009, and the Ninjas, in 2011, led by Pringle64 and Pochoma123.

Fire Warriors vs. Ice Warriors in November 2007

In July 2020, the army returned as the Fire Warriors, under the leadership of Sweater. Introducing notable figures such as Sammixfastx, and Sophy Bee into the leadership, the Fire Warriors would quickly establish themselves as prominent contenders within the S/M army community. They would unfortunately fall victim to internal issues within the leadership in August, ending their brief revival. In November 2020, Otter and Ram Em, upon rebranding the Skateboarders, would bring the army back once more, partaking in war against the Island Invaders. This generation would be cut short following the end of the Flash era.

In February 2021, Sweater once again decided to reignite the fire, reopening the army under his, AustinFraud, Cassie, Otter, Simmonds2000, and Haley’s leadership. This generation would prove to be the most successful CPPS generation yet – demonstrating their consistency and tenacity as a small-medium superpower, participating in CPAHQ’s March Madness, Legends Cup XI, before finally claiming the trophy in CPAHQ’s Challengers Cup II on August 21st 2021. However, met with internal turmoil once more, as well as tensions with the Eclipse of Club Penguin (a more in-depth post can be found HERE), the Fire Warriors announced their closure on the 28th of August, 2021 – just one week after their trophy.

Challengers Cup II finals – Fire Warriors vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

In the post entitled “Death Is Nothing At All”, Sweater reminisces the journey the Fire Warriors have had over the past months. He candidly expresses:

As for what is next? I have no idea. I’m usually the one with many ideas, trying to implement them all at once. This time, I have nothing.

Albeit not wishing to follow the paths of other armies who have become a gaming server, Sweater does not deny the possibility of a return in the future, and thanks everyone who has supported the army – troops, allies, or otherwise.

To find out more about this shutdown, CP Army Headquarters reached out to Sweater, former Fire Warriors Leader.

What led to the decision of shutting down FW?

The entire leadership is in college at the moment, we felt it best to shut down and focus on our studies instead. I know that I, personally, would prefer to complete my degree than lead an army.

Are there any moments of this generation that you would like to highlight?

Absolutely. Some highlights include our March Madness battle against SE, a battle that nobody saw us doing well in. Unfortunately we lost due to overtime and lack of preparation for it. Another highlight includes the Challengers Cup II – a tournament we fixed our mistakes for and won.

Is this a permanent shutdown? If not, are there any plans of reopening FW soon?

Definitely not permanent. No plans have been made and no discussions have taken place but I would definitely allow a revival if led by the right people.

Anything you would like to add?

Thank you to all Fire Warriors, past and present, who helped us grow and succeed. An army can function leaderless but an army cannot function troopless. You are the most important people in FW history.

With the closure of one of the oldest armies in the community, just after their triumph in Challengers Cup II, it will be interesting to see how this affects the dynamic of the S/M army community. We can only wait and see if the Fire Warriors will eventually reopen their doors once more.

What do YOU think of this shutdown? Will the Fire Warriors return for another generation? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments below.

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