Intentions Unclassified: Secret Service Announces End of the 2nd Generation

DOWN UNDER, Secret Service Base of Operations – Just about two months following the army’s reopening, the Secret Service is closing its doors once more. What caused this resolution?

Originally founded in October last year without any previous history, the Secret Service rapidly rose to prominence. Led by TD999, ToxicStorm, and JoelFreak, it saw great sizes and controlled the Small/Medium army scene. The unexpected success of the army was a relevant matter in bringing the Secret Service to popularity. Following its participation in the Aces of Ausia and Christmas Chaos X tournaments, the army’s first generation came to a halt.

After drifting off from the community for a period of six months, the army made its way back into the network in the form of a second generation. While only led by TD999 and Dman64w at first, it still kept up with its old achievements. While maintaining its spot in the weekly Top Tens, the Secret Service even took part in the Legends Cup XI tournament, where they managed to defeat the Special Weapons and Tactics.

SWAT vs Secret Service during Legends Cups XI

Following JoelFreak’s reinduction as leader, the future of the army seemed ever more promising. Succeeding a triumphant war against Sidie’s Rangers, Secret Service saw its future plans vanish as the leadership team lost two of its members. Shortly afterwards, the discontinuation of the army was announced. A closing event was scheduled for August 27th, which allowed 14 Secret Service members to wave goodbye before ceasing their operations altogether. While the server still remains operational, it is no longer involved in any Club Penguin activities.


Secret Service during their final Operation.

Club Penguin Army Network reached out to Dman64w, Secret Service Director, with the intention of finding out more about this decision.

Are you satisfied with what the Second Generation of Secret Service has accomplished?

I’d say to an extent. This generation in my opinion achieved far more than Gen 1, the LCXI upset, consistent positions on the outskirts of the TT, our first war victory (though achieved through unexpected means). I do however wish that we were a bit more consistent with our maxes and able to secure the bottom of the TT more frequently, but for 2 months we did pretty well nonetheless!

How do you feel a potential third-generation would do?

Honestly I think it would depend on how it’s led. Gen 2 was led very differently to Gen 1 because I brought in some methods which served me well in my last army and I believe it did us some good overall. I do hope that Gen 3, should it happen, matches Gen 2 at the least. We’ve had a reputation for being a S/M powerhouse and I hope that continues.

What was your favorite experience from this past generation?

Oooh I don’t know, probably the LCXI battle against SWAT. That was my first tournament battle which I had led as a leader and to beat SWAT 2-0-1 was really shocking. Everyone heard the excitement I had, and we all celebrated that momentous occasion. Knowing that it caused an upset was a bonus lol!

Thank you so much for answering my questions! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

No matter what, at the end of the day CPArmies is just a hobby. Don’t let it take priority over your personal life and don’t let situations get the best of you.

In spite of the sudden shutdown, a potential return of the army in the future can’t be denied. Moving forward, we wish Secret Service the best of luck with personal matters, as well as a potential third generation. As usual, Club Penguin Army Network will keep you up to date with anything that occurs in the community!

What do YOU think? Will Secret Service come back with a third-generation? Will this abrupt shutdown prove to be a notable setback? Be sure to voice YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord server’s general chat!


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