Burning Flames: Crimson Guardians Announce Hiatus

THERMAL, Former Crimson Guardians Capital – On August 27th, ActionSpark announced that the Crimson Guardians would start a hiatus. What led to this decision?

On August 27th, the Crimson Guardians‘ Leader, ActionSpark released an announcement in the army’s discord server declaring a hiatus. He pointed out as reasons the fact that he will have his free time reduced due to his schedule and near exams. However, he states that this is not the end of the army, raising hope that a new and stronger generation will arrive in the future. In the meanwhile, the server will stop hosting Club Penguin events and become a gaming community.

Announcement released in CG discord server

The Crimson Guardians were founded on August 12th, 2019 by Tsanami. Back then, the army was operating in Club Penguin Online and reached maxes of 20+. In April of 2020, the army migrated to Club Penguin Rewritten. In July 2020, Bean Pea joined the leadership, where she worked until her retirement in October. After her retirement, Landless was promoted to leadership to assist Tsamani until she stepped down in December. The Crimson Guardians eventually closed on April 25th, 2021. On June 15th, 2021, Action Spark announced its reopening. Their revival event took place on June 20th with a max of 12 penguins.

Crimson Guardians’ revival event

To find out more about this hiatus, CP Army Headquarters reached out to ActionSpark, CG Leader.

We know you started the hiatus to focus on school, but are there any other reasons?

Well we also did have a lack of stuff, it was just a few of us and for a small amount of staff members to keep an army running, it’s next to impossible quite frankly. And with the dreaded September drop, I started getting hella busy with no time for anything, and armies need a lot of time and attention so after consultation with the advisors we considered it best to put the army on hiatus until I can dedicate all my time to the army again

Do you highlight any moments of this generation?

Uhhhhh definitely the anniversary event I’d say. The tactics were all banter and it was just a fun and laid back event.

Is there a prediction of when the Crimson Guardians might come back?

Not as of yet but keep an eye out :wink:

Anything else you want to add?

Tsanami is amazing and fear the flames :CGsalute:

Over the past two years, the Crimson Guardians proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with amongst small/medium armies. This does not seem the end of the army yet and it is most likely that we will see them in a near future again.

What do YOU think of this hiatus? Will the Crimson Guardians return in a near future? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments below.


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