Templars Claim Victory After a 2-2 Score

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Templars recently claimed “victory” over Water Vikings in the midst of their ongoing war. What could be the reason behind such a sudden claim?

On the 22nd of August, 2021, at 7:51 pm EST, the Templars declared war on the Water Vikings. The two armies have engaged in 4 battles since then, and currently, the war score between them stands at a tie (2-2). Recently, Xing, the current leader of Templars announced that they have won the war, in their discord server, claiming a sudden victory over the Water Vikings.

Xing announcing that they have won the war against Water Vikings

The Templars, also known as TCP for short, was created on April 4th, 2018, by Xing. The army has faced numerous defacements since then but has risen to be one of the most infamous and strongest major armies of the CPPS era. The army has spawned fourteen legends, a major legend, and an S/M legend, and has become well-known for taking inspiration from the real-life Roman and Byzantine Empires.

The Water Vikings were founded on December 28, 2010, by Jed Pen and Zakster, and continue to be one of the oldest major armies existing to date. They are remembered for being the first colonized army to break free of colonization and become bigger than their host army. The army has gone through multiple generations but continues to stand strong, even after a decade.

Following the declaration of war, on the 22nd of August, the two armies have had 4 battles, wherein each of them has won two battles respectively. The first battle between them took place on the 24th of August, in which the Templars emerged victoriously, which can be found HERE and HERE. The second battle was fought on the following day, 25th August, and this time, the Water Vikings triumphed, which can be found HERE and HERE. The third and the fourth battles took place subsequently, having each of them put another feather in their caps, and thus making the war score a tie. But, right after the fourth battle, Xing announced that the Templars had won.

The first battle between the Templars and the Water Vikings on 24th August

The second battle between the Templars and the Water Vikings on 25th August

To find out more about the sudden announcement, and get an update on their war status, CPAHQ reached out to Xing from the Templars and Aaronstone from the Water Vikings.

Xing: If you look at the numbers, every battle was almost 100% templars, while the Water Vikings had over half their size being composed of allies. this victory, like in any other war, would’ve been a templar victory. Regardless if templars won or lost, wv would’ve dropped hard in size. This was prevalent in the war, first battle was around a 30 max for them, then dropping to 19 by the last battle.

Aaronstone: We’re still continuing with the battles we have scheduled.

With both armies having conflicting views and differences in opinions, it will certainly be interesting to see how things turn out for these two armies, after this announcement. One thing is for sure, that both the armies are putting up a great fight, as is proved by the Top-Tens this week. Wherein the Templars have secured the 4th position, and the Water Vikings have ranked 6th. With WV still stating that they are going to continue with the battles that they have scheduled, only time will tell whether or not this war is truly over.

What do YOU think? What will be the consequence of this announcement? How will this war turn out? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below or in our discord server!


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  1. Fulcrum23 August 29, 2021 (10:51 pm)

    I think WV should just cope.

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