The Phoenix Rejuvenates with Fire Warriors Leadership Changes

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – This past week left many in shock after multiple leadership changes within the army. What led to these leadership changes? What will this bring to the Fire Warriors? 

The Fire Warriors, founded in 2007 by Wwe09, weren’t always the noticeable army they are today. Back in 2007, they only stayed around for 10 months until they faded into inactivity. After about a year, the army began seeing fluctuations in army size due to army merges and various revivals. Since their reintroduction to the community in 2020, the Fire Warriors army has seen numerous changes and much action. The current generation of the army was established on February 6th, by Fire Warriors legend Sweater.

Fire Warriors Early Generation

Under the leadership of Sweater, AustinFraud, Kaos, Ot_ter, and Haley, the Fire Warriors partook in March Madness with 30 troops attending. Subsequent events saw a consistent size of 15 or more troops in attendance, ultimately winning the latest Challenge Cup that was hosted.

Despite winning the latest Challenge Cup, the Fire Warriors nearly faced another server closure. Hours prior to the Challenge Cup grand finals saw drama ensue with disagreements from Sweater and the Club Penguin Army Headquarters judging staff, about specific people judging the finale. This disagreement soon escalated to a point where an internal argument broke out between the Fire Warriors leaders. Following the argument, AustinFraud left Fire Warriors leadership. Following his departure, Rach was promoted to the leadership team.

Sweater’s Announcement Regarding Recent Events and New Leaders

Within hours, Rach made an announcement regarding some staff changes and promotions. Among the promotions, Matt was promoted to Main Leader.

Matt’s Promotion to Main Leader

Rach’s career began on March 3rd, 2020 when she was recruited by a member of the Doritos of Club Penguin. With her active participation in events and efforts to recruit for the Doritos, Rach worked her way up to Head General in April. Eventually, she was promoted to Third-in-Command. During her army journey, she has also served as Golden Troops Advisor and Leader,  a Special Weapons and Tactics High Command member, Post Malone Army Leader, and Moderator for the Red Ravagers.

Golden Troops Event during CPArmies

While Rach’s army journey began in 2020, Matt’s began way back in 2011. He was first introduced to armies when he joined Golds eventually leading them and became a founder of Club Penguin Crew.  He was also the 38th and 50th  Water Vikings Viking Commander.

The Club Penguin Army Network reached out to both Rach and Matt regarding their recent promotions and how their thoughts about it. Matt had the following to say:

I feel honored to be apart of FW and am excited for what the future brings!


Rach gave the following statement:

When I got the promotion I was super excited, being able to work with the other leaders more is amazing and I love being able to help out more and help make FW strong.

The Fire Warriors surely have gone through a lot of changes within the past few days. With the new additions of Rach and Matt, along with the return of Haley, the army seems to be heading back in the right direction. What do the new leadership hold? 

What do YOU think? What does the new leadership hold for the Fire Warriors? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!

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