TD999 and JoelFreak Depart from Secret Service Leadership

DOWN UNDER, Secret Service Base of Operations – After recently declaring war on Sidie’s Rangers, both TD999 and JoelFreak have retired from their positions in the army. With both having such a great influence over the army’s running, just how will Secret Service react?

Secret Service were created by TD999 on October 20th, 2020. In their first generation, the army took #1 on Club Penguin Army Hub’s small/medium Top Ten – cementing themselves as a top tier medium army. Unfortunately, though, the army’s first generation would only last two months. In December of the same year, the army would close down again.

The final event of the Secret Service’s first generation

More recently, the Secret Service revived on July 3rd. Originally starting out with a duo leadership of TD999 and Dman64w the army would launch with an incredible size of around 20. Soon after, the army found drama with Toxic Storm, a legend, allegedly troop stealing from the Special Weapons & Tactics. Soon after, JoelFreak would rejoin the leadership – cementing a trio for Summer. Together, the three would lead the army through some great runs in the Legends Cup XI and Challengers Cup II. Unfortunately, they lost to Ice Warriors and the People’s Imperial Confederation respectively. Just this week, we saw the Secret Service declare war on Sidie’s Rangers. You can read more about that conflict here.

Secret Service’s most recent event: the semifinals of the Challengers Cup II against the People’s Imperial Confederation

Unexpectedly, in this last weekend it was announced that both TD999 and JoelFreak would be taking a step back from leadership. Only JoelFreak would make an announcement regarding the retirement, though. In an announcement on the army’s server, JoelFreak stated the following:

I am departing from [Secret Service], simply because I believe I can’t provide enough for this army…

In the same announcement, he clarified a little more about why he can’t provide. He stated his reasons are due to school and the world’s lock-downs easing up. Once again, as we have seen so many times before in army history, the back to school rush has taken some army’s leaders. On the other hand, however, the reason for TD999’s retirement currently remains unknown, though it is not far fetched to assume a similar reason.

To find out a little bit more regarding the retirements, Club Penguin Army Network reached out to JoelFreak for an interview.

Can you delve a little deeper into why you suddenly retired?

School. I want to focus and do well.

Do you have any favourite memories from either Secret Service generation?

One time in [the] first [generation] when SS had a hide and seek event, and some [people] just sucked.

What would be your advice to somebody looking to rank up to leader in Secret Service?

Be extremely nice to Dman and offer him money and server boosts, also send him Donald Trump pics and he will instantly give you leader.

Do you anticipate a return to the leadership?

[Yes], I’m not gone. I’ll be back for SS [third generation] or should SS still be around I will lead the second generation again.

Lastly, do you have any final comments you would like to share?

SS ftw.

As we can see, despite retiring for school we can certainly expect a return from JoelFreak one day. CP Army Network were unable to contact Monstah as of the writing of this post.

With both creator TD999 and JoelFreak retiring from the leadership, the Secret Service are left only with Dman64w. Best of luck to both retirees with their retirement plans, and hopefully Dman64w will be able to keep the ship going.

What do YOU think? How do you think the back-to-back retirements will impact Secret Service? Will this affect Secret Service’s performance in their war? Voice YOUR opinions in the public server!


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