Dropping Out: Smart Penguins Enter Indefinite Lockdown

ICE BREAKER, Former Smart Penguins’ Nation – After two months of dominating the small/medium community, the Smart Penguins have announced an indefinite lockdown. What does this mean for the future of the army?

The Smart Penguins were founded on September 19th, 2013 by Vivek and a few buddies. Primarily hosting AUSIA events, the army reached sizes of around 5-10 in the early days. In it’s time, the army has held many common names in the community. From army legend Superhero123 to Guncotton and Popcorny, and many more decorated veterans. Unfortunately, the army shut down less than a year later on the 11th of June, 2014. Between the first and last generations, around four or five more were created but would die out soon after.

Smart Penguins holding their opening event on September 19th, 2013

Most recently, the army was re-founded under the leadership of Superhero123 and df44. The army revived on June 26th and saw a peak of 16 penguins online. Since the revival, the army’s size has fluctuated between around 7 and 17. Notably, we saw the Smart Penguins declare war on the Golden Troops – a war that they would later win in a score of 6-3. Sadly, less than a day after the victory we saw the retirement of Superhero and the announcement of an lock-down. An except of the announcement can be seen below.

…we decided to enter a [lock-down] period, since SP Legend Superhero123 retired and I am on a break, leaving SP leaderless. During this time, SP will focus on finding staff and rebuilding the community, allowing us to return stronger. So far, this is not to be considered the end of the generation.

~ df44 on “Lockdown Declaration and Generation Recap”

As we can see, df44 cites the main reason for the lock-down as leader inactivity. With him on break, and Super retiring, the army is essentially leader-less. An important note, however, is that df44 states this is not the end of the generation. This means we can potentially see the Smart Penguins come back. To clarify a little further, Club Penguin Army Network reached out to df44 for an interview.

Can you shed a little more light on why Smart Penguins entered lockdown?

We entered lockdown as at the moment I am still on break and Super retired. We also have lack of staff so right now we decided it would be the best move until I come fully back or we manage to rebuild a staff team.

You mentioned on your website that this shouldn’t be considered the end of the generation. As such, do you have a rough idea of when we can expect the return?

Right now I can’t predict the exact date, it may be end of August or September but I can’t really predict. One thing is sure, the generation will be the same as I’ll maintain a leadership position once it returns even if it is for a small time.

Awesome! Do you have any plans for the revival you can share with us?

Everything is uncertain now, all I can say is that we will work to bring SP back strong as it has been.

Thank you very much! Do you have any final comments you’d like to share?

Keep fearing the IQ!

As we can see, whilst nothing is absolutely definitive yet, df is certainly planning something. We wish the Smart Penguins the best of luck in their generation and hopefully they can come back from the lock-down stronger than ever.

What do YOU think? Do YOU think Smart Penguins will recover? Is this the end of the line? Voice YOUR opinions in the Discord server!


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