Origins of the Outfit, featuring the Coup Crusaders

SNOW STORM, Myth’s Blender – Welcome back to another edition of Origins of the Outfit! This week, we’ll be throwing back to a prominent army within 2020. Based around couping people and the color pink. this week we’ll be focusing on the crusading background of the Coup Crusaders.

Established on May 13th, 2020, the Coup Crusaders slowly became a prominent small/medium army. The army would engage in very few conflicts, the only being a brief war against the Army of Club Penguin. The Coup Crusaders later became a colony of the Ice Warriors. The army would continue to grow under the colonization and would compete in multiple tournaments. Following their colonization from the Ice Warriors; the Coup Crusaders would eventually rebrand to the Crystal Cowboys. Only months after their rebranding and the Crystal Cowboys would shut down.

Coup Crusaders vs Water Vikings

Created by Crusader legends Catalyst and Toxic Storm, the Coup Crusaders uniform is fairly unique when it to comes to its color palette. Starting with a pink penguin, you’ll first need to add the Viking Helmet, soon followed by the Pink Superhero Mask. For the neck, the Pink Cape will do. The Purple Hoodie is all that’s needed next, along with the Red Electric Guitar. To finish off the uniform, all you need is Pink Sneakers. Once you have all that, you’ve successfully created the Coup Crusaders uniform.

Coup Crusaders Uniform

To learn more about the Coup Crusader’s uniform, I reached out to uniform creator Toxic Storm to answer a few of my questions

Thank you for letting me ask you a few questions regarding the creation of the Coup Crusader’s uniform. What was the original inspiration when creating the uniform?

The idea was we wanted to be unique, and by unique CC was going to be an army that uses the colour pink for uniform and everything, since to our knowledge pink coloured armies were lacking. So we started just by putting the pink hoodie and shoes as a base, then a red guitar since it did look nice but the head item was a bit of something we were stuck on until we decided that we can use the red Viking helmet, since it was easy to find in the CPR catalogue, and that’s how we made our CC uniform using two colours red and pink and what is easy to obtain as an item.

Pink surely is lacking within the uniforms in the community. May I ask what your favorite part of the uniform is?

Well, I like how we were able to match red and pink together, giving our uniform an OG army feel yet still being unique with the two colour combination, as for what I like specifically I’d say the red guitar matches perfectly and looks good with everything we have on.

The Red Electric Guitar is an amazing addition to the uniform. Within 2020, the uniform was well known by the community, why is that?

Well, I feel we did a pretty good job making a uniform based on the colour pink and as mentioned before, since armies don’t usually go for such a colour, id like to think we made the best uniform possible with the colours we used and also the popularity of the skin grew with our army being successful and accomplishing many things along the way.

The color of the army’s uniform sure does matter a lot. Did you ever think the uniform would become as noticeable as it did?

I think we all knew the uniform would get at least some attention because it was something never seen before in the community,in addition to it being memorable as the pink uniform that had won many battles and was on top of the small/medium armies game for a certain period of time.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The CC uniform was something the army was proud of and happy with, we would like to encourage all new armies to get creative with the uniform and try out new ideas, surely something might work.

As mentioned by Storm, the Coup Crusaders do have an extraordinarily uniform, mainly due to the army’s main color. Pink is certainly rare within army uniforms, hence why the Coup Crusaders uniform will be fondly remembered.

What do YOU think? Is pink actually a rare color within the army community? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CP Army Network Discord!


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