BREAKING NEWS: Red Ravagers Gets Defaced

SNOWBOUND: Red Ravagers Empire – In the early morning hours of August 18th, 2021, the Red Ravagers, a long-time dominant S/M army underwent a defacement of their discord server by one of their long time veterans. Who was this veteran and why did this event take place?

The Red Ravagers were once one of the most dominant s/m armies the community has seen, but due to the several changes the Ravagers have seen throughout this year, their sizes have gone down and they were transitioning into a period of rebuilding. All this was going well for BoMoBuddy, the latest of their leaders to be inducted into leadership until she was awoken at 3 am EST by one of her HCOM mentioning that their discord server was defaced.

An announcement by Bri of the RR Defacement. Click to Enlarge.

It was later revealed to CP Army Headquarters that the person who is responsible for RR losing all of their channels except for three was a long-time RR Veteran, a former member of the Help Force, and a former Column Manager, Scorpion Demon. Although the reason for the defacement is unknown, we have received confirmation that Scorp is indeed the individual responsible. Along with Scorp deleting a multitude of channels, he had also gone through and banned hundreds and hundreds of members from their server. Despite the fact that most of the members who were banned were low ranking or allies and visitors, there were some members of their staff and higher command team that were a part of the people who were banned.

CP Army Headquarters attempted to contact the Red Ravagers for a statement regarding their recent defacement but were unable to acquire one on their behalf.

As the Ravagers move forward from this unfortunate event, it will be interesting to see how they rebuild from this. As far as the actual defacement goes, the situation has been handled on the Ravagers’ behalf and Scorp has reportedly left all CPA-related servers and deleted everyone off his friends’ list.

What do YOU think? How will the Red Ravagers respond to their defacement? What reason do you think Scorp had to take part in this event? Be sure to let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comments down below!


CP Army Headquarters – Editor in Chief

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  1. Fulcrum23 August 20, 2021 (5:24 pm)

    I feel so bad for Bo and Bri.

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