Thin Ice: Erick Leaves Ice Warriors Leadership

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital – Erick, an Ice Warriors leader, has announced their retirement. What changes did this decision bring to the Ice Warriors army and what does IceQueen, an Ice Warriors leader who served alongside Erick, think about the retirement?

The Ice Warriors are a legendary Club Penguin army, founded in June 2007, by Club Penguin army legend Iceyfeet1234. The army has seen many modifications to its leadership over the years. Consequently, on the 28th of February, 2020, the Ice Warriors administration opened its doors to Erick.

Erick joined the Ice Warriors in mid-February 2020, and from there he ranked up to 2ic within a month. After 4 months of service, he ranked up to Leader-in-Training and became inducted into the IW Hall of Fame as a champion. Erick was promoted to Leader on the 12th of September, 2020. He led IW for 11 months, achieving sizes of 80+ during Fright or Fight and sizes of 100+ during Christmas Chaos X, March Madness 2021, and recently Legends Cup XI.

IceyFeet1234, Ice Warriors founder announcing Erick's retirement event.

IceyFeet1234, Ice Warriors founder announcing Erick’s retirement event.

CP Army Headquarters had the amazing opportunity to reach out to IW Leader IceQueen for an interview! Read below to find out what she has to say about the retirement.

interview section


Hello, IceQueen thanks for accepting my interview! How do you feel about Erick’s retirement?

Hey Real!

Erick is one of the greatest leaders that Ice Warriors has ever had. He did so much for the army, the troop and the staff team! He’s an awesome mentor and most importantly an amazing friend. Ah, how can I forget he’s also a phenomal inventor of the most humongous big word bubbles which have saved us time and time again in battles and tournaments XD. We’re sad to see him retire and he’ll be greatly missed by all of us.

Did you see his retirement coming or was it a complete surprise for the leadership?

It wasn’t a complete surprise. Erick did express to the leadership team that he will have to retire at some point due to IRL commitments. He also wanted to ensure that Ice Warriors was in a good place and had a stable leadership before finally retiring. It was a shock initially when Erick told us that we need to prepare for that. But we all understand how sometimes you do have to let things go because of important things happening in life.

What do you think, what changes will this take to the Ice Warriors army?

The only change would be that we’ll miss Erick a great deal. In terms of the army, it will remain strong. The leaders, staff and troops combined, we’re an awesome team and family.

Thank you for your time is there anything more you would like to add?

Thanks for the interview Real!

From on behalf of the Ice Warriors family, Erick we thank you for everything that you’ve done, we love you and we’ll miss you so much.
P.S. You’re still a noob though!

According to IceQueen, although Erick has retired from the IW leadership, the army remains strong.

What are YOUR thoughts on this retirement? Will this retirement affect IW well? What will IW remember Erick by? Let us know in our discord server or the comment section on this post!


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